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on sun 10th Aug, I fly from Tampa to Chicago O'Hare and have 4.5hrs stop over before next flight to Dublin, Ireland. Can I leave the airport to visit a relative who lives near the airport? My bag would be checked thro' from Tampa to Dublin. How would this suggestion work with re-entering departures and security.
Yes, you can leave, but unless your relative lives VERY close to the airport I don't recommend leaving. To get back through security you will just have to show your ORD-Dublin boarding pass.
Thankyou Zap, that is very helpful. As a matter of interest, how long would it take to get through security?
I'd want to be back at the airport 70 minutes before my flight.
I am flying from Washington, to Norfolk, Virginia, on the 23rd of July. I have a 1 hr and 5 min layover in Dallas. I am bringing my small dog. He already has his health certificate and carrier. The first flight is 4 hours long, and the second is 3, so I will need to take him to a pet relief area between the two flights. My concern is that I have to find time to pay for his ticket for each flight, as well as get him to the pet relief area, and find my way back through security, with in one hour. I am absolutely unwilling to place him in the cargo hold. This layover will be from 11:55- 12:50. What can I do to ensure that I can make this flight on time, with my dog in the cabin with me? I am willing to switch flights if possible. Please let me know how I may deal with this situation. The gate numbers are not yet posted, but I am flying on Wednesday the 23rd. My assumption is that this is not a busy day, and based off of this chart I am assuming the actual security check point won't have a wait time longer than 25 minutes tops. How might I find out about the other wait times and travel times? Thank you.
Unless you purchased two separate flights you won't have to pay a second cabin pet fee in Dallas. Security wait times at DFW are generally short as there are many many checkpoints. Just take the dog outside right after you arrive - you should have plenty of time to get back through security before your next flight.
Ignore sajul - he is incorrect.
Hello, I am flying with Alaska Airlines from Bozeman to San Francisco with a stop in Seattle and I have just 45 minutes for connecting flight. Do you think I can make it in time if there is no delay?
Yes, that should be enough time if your first flight is on-time. All gates at SEA are connected inside security.
And do you also know if there is delay and I miss the second flight, will they give me a ticket for the next flight to San Francisco? I still havent bought the ticket I am just thinking about it
Yes, if you miss the connecting flight they will rebook you on the next available flight to SFO, or if you request, the next available flight to OAK.
Elly Meagher lost my passport
I'm traveling with my daughter 9 years old and her friend same age, should I have a written authorization from her mother?
1 hr 44 mins should be enough time. You will go through US Immigration and Customs in the International Arrivals buidling, from there you just have to go back through security and to your departure gate on concourse A or B
Thank you ZAP. This is a very nice thing you do ! Is it on foot to concourse A or B or is a train/bus involved ?
The main terminal is connected to A/B by a short ride on an underground train called the Aerotrain.
Saturday 24 of May it took me 180 minutes to pass the US Immigration and customs to get to the checkin. That was 1 hour after my flight to Copenhagen left the Airport. The US travel Assosiacion says that 174 minutes layover time it took on average in April 2013. In 2014 should be the same.
Thanks for the warning. Do you think the lines might have been worse because it was a Saturday ? Did you try to tell one of the officials that you were going to miss your connection ?
I´m arriving with a DL-flight from Europe at 3.45pm @T4 end of June, my DL connection flight leaves at 7.40pm from T2. Is that enough time? And what to do with my luggage?
What airlines are you flying? Were your tickets purchased together or separately?
I am taking my mother to JFK Terminal 7 for her flight at 10pm, my own flight leaves at 9am in the morning. I do not want to go back to the city and get a hotel. Does anybody know if there is a waiting area in JFK where I could just stay all night. Thanks
You will arrive in the A concourse and transfer to Immigration via a secure walkway. Then you will go through US Immigration, collect your bags, go through US Customs, then re-check your bags with United, then go through security and to your departure gate in concourse B via the underground train. 1:45 should be enough time. If you miss your flight you will be put on the next United flight to SLC.
London to Green Bay to watch the packers play. Completely confused about transfer times any advice please
The closest Airport to Green Bay is the (regional) Austin Straubel Airport, with no international traffic. Its 3 major airlines connect to: Chicago O'Hare Airport ORD (American & United airlines); Atlanta ATL, Detroit DTW & Minneapolis MSP (Delta airlines). I suggest you open[add airport Code], then click on 'Terminal Map' under 'QUICK LINKS', and scroll down to the detailed text.
The Appleton Airport (ATW) is also fairly close to Green Bay.
I'm flying from HNL - LAX with Delta, then have 1 hour 45 mins to transfer to a Southwest flight due to a schedule change. Anyone know if this is doable?
It's doable if your first flight is on-time and you hurry. Check in for your southwest flight online before you leave Hawaii.
I can not get any info please help. I am disabled, flying with my cat from Midway to McAllen Tx. I am flying alone and there is no one here to help me once I get to the airport with my luggage. Does Midway have a service for disabled people that helps them with getting the luggage to the check in ? Thank you for any info.
I'm a flight attendant for Southwest Airlines. You didn't mention if your cat was an emotional support animal or traveling as a pet. Pets are an extra charge. Here is our info: "Southwest Airlines allows customers to carry small pets (cats and dogs only) on board all Southwest Airlines flights. All in-cabin pets must be carried in an appropriate pet carrier. The pet fee is $75 each way per pet carrier before January 14th, 2014." If however your cat is an emotional support pet, you will need a note from Your Personal doctor, M.D. or whomever, stating that your cat is emotional support, then your cat travels free (you will still need a pet carrier). Please be kind to the flight attendant though and don't pet your darling during the flight, I'm allergic...AhhhChoo! :]
Sorry, the new rate for bringing kitty is 95.00 one way.
Thank you and Yes, I checked on the Pet policy already dear. She will be flying in the cabin with me :)
Thank you kindly for this information. I will check that out about wheelchair assistance.