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Coming in at Laguardia; will be taking taxi to JFK for an international flight. Have a 3-hour window. Will that be enough as I have to go through Customs at JFK? What if I only take a carryon bag?
For taxi or limo service from LGA to JFK (taking about 30 mins)contact either: taxi or limo, both take about 30 mins; or call the following three services, all of which take 45-60 mins: ETS Air Shuttle 718-221-5341; All County Express 914-381-4223 or 516-285-1300; NYC Airporter 718-777-5111. At JFK only international arrivals need to go through customs clearance. I suggest you open and click on 'Terminal Map' under QUICK LINKS - to familiarize yourself with the terminals and airlines they serve.
Made me feel so much better being a manic mum whose son is travelling to the good old U S of A with a party of 199 from school in Lancashire, UK. Almost feel like I'm right there with him! I wish!
7/23 Arriving from |HONOLULU to Lax AT 3.25pm AT TERMINAL 5. Have to makea connection at \TOM BRADLEY INTERNATIONAL TERMINAL AT 4.00pm. FLYING to Paris.
Can anyone tell if I'm going to make it...very concerned!!!!
Your concern is warranted. 1. Have you made sure that your first airline is transferring your bags to your second airline - not all airlines do, in which case your quoted time for baggage pickup and re-check-in at TBIT would not be enough. Do not take the bus as it runs the opposite way. Exit T5, turn left, pass T4 and walk around the bend to TBIT. Continue there to the Departure level, go through security check and on to your gate. Estimated time from gate to gate: up to 20 mins - not a good idea for an international connection.. Also, your Honolulu flight may be delayed, and check-in at TBIT may take more time than usual. I suggest you open and click on 'Terminal Map'under QUICK LINKS, then scroll down to the text with all details.
My 89 yr old sister will be arriving at terminal 8 on a United Express Flight from SMX on 9/8 at approx 7:30 with 1hr-37min to get from Term 8 to Term 7 to board a United plane to BWI. Is this enough time for her to reasonably expect to make that connection? Your prompt reply will be appreciated before I finalize her ticket. Thanks, jdh
I presume you sister would change flights on arrival at LAX (Los Angeles Airport) from Terminal 8 to Terminal 7. These terminals are not connected, other than by a short walkway, necessitating her to leave T8 and go through security check at T7 before proceeding to connecting gate. As I presume that you sister is not very mobile, I suggest you contact United when making reservations and state that she will need assistance (should be done at least 48 hours prior to departure. Your time frame would sure suffice.
i love flying alone, have been since i was 12, im 19 now, i have not flown as a unaccomipied minor
is anyone on here flying tomorrow's flight 1210 from chicago to las vegas? If so, my daughter is coming off a connecting flight from boston and is needing your help to guide her to the right gate for this flight as she is no longer considered an unaccompied minor. she doesn't know how to read the monitors on the screen so if you are connecting to this flight, please help my daughter get home to me safely. Thank you!
I searched Flight 1210 for tomorrow - turns out Southwest departs Chicago Midway airport for Las Vegas at 10:10am at gate B11. However, I could not find a flight from Boston to Chicago (searched both Chicago O'Hare ORD and Midway MDW airports. Your daughter's ticket should indicate arrival & departure time and gates and Airport Codes (ORD or MDW). I suggest you open or & click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS - scroll down to the text and find terminal & connections. Arrivals & departures terminals/ concourses / gates depend on which airlines are used.
I wish this airport had flight international to the Dominican republic am sick of traveling from NYC and Newark to far.
Make a suggestion by e-mailing ABE at
our daughter is travelling to japan from msp for an extended stay, and needs to take her guitar with. do united and all nippon allow guitars on board?,
open both (a) and (b) - scroll down to 'musical instruments'.
Thank you sujun12, that is helpful. I have been searching various airlines, and they seem to bury this info pretty well.
I have never flown before, and bought my tickets on line. So now I have a piece of paper I printed out that says i bought the tickets with ticket and seat numbers,,,So now what do i do with this when go to tacke my flight?
You need to take your printout to the Airport and either go with it to your airline counter for a boarding pass and baggage check-in (if you have a bag, in addition to your carry-on bag, which must fit either under your feet or in the overhead bin of your airplane) or - if you don't have a bag to check in - go to the self-service check-in machines and print our your boarding pass. Then you go through security check and on to your gate. I advise you to open, enter on top your Airport; then click on "Quick Links" at left and select "Terminal Map" - the map and the description thereunder will give you an idea of the airport's layout and how to get around. Also under "Traveler Tips" on top choose "Airports and First-Time flyers".
Where can you find price for the non-stop flights to DCA from Augusta that were just announced.
US Airways CRJ will starts service from AGS to DCA July 11, 2012, daily from AGS at 6:35pm; from DCA at 4:20pm. Contact US Airways for fares.