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Can I take a honey comb in an unopened box
I have a 2 hour layover between United flights. How do I meet someone from the outside during that span?
Usually you should meet your party at the baggage claim area, near the information counter - however, you need to go through security check before proceeding to your connecting gate.
Looking for lost cell phone, can identify. Was on flight 600 from DFW to Phil arrived from FL. tail # on plane was 4YC. If found please call 712-253-0000. Thank You.
is it easy to commute between terminals?
That depends on which Airport you use.
how can i delete a post that i recently posted from here? i would like to have it deleted. thanks.
where is the will call lot located for arrivals?
You did not mentioned the Airport name. P.S. the call lot is quoted by airports as the 'Cell Phone Lot' and is free. You stay with your car until your party has picked up bags after arrival and calls you to be picked up at the curb.
Did anyone use RDU Sky Shuttle from Airport to Duke ( ? How much do they charge? Are they reliable?
Could anyone tell me if the 2:15 from Manchester to Kefalonia has arrived safely yet ? Thank You xxx
Don't see it listed at Manchester yet - open
I am flying with American Airways out of MCI to Douglas, then to Florida! This will be my first time flying in a big plane! I will have my wife and kid with me and they have never flew before! My wife is afraid of heights including rollercoasters and this is sorta freaking her out just a big! I really couldnt sleep late night because it was also kinda of scaring me! LOL weird!
This is what I suggest you do to put yourself at ease: open - at the top click on "Traveler Tips" - where you get your answers on travel procedures. Thereafter, click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS (at left), scroll down and read the detailed text regarding terminals & transfers. Do the same by opening for your Charlotte Douglas connection. Note: At MCI you will arrive via American Airlines at Terminal C (American Airlines is at gates 76-79); at CLT (if using the same airline) you will arrive at Terminal A. Note: if your connection to Florida is on another airline, you need to make sure that AA transfers your bags to the Florida connecting flight (not all airlines do). Make sure your wife is seated at the isle - so she won't have to look out of the window. You can do it - don't forget that airport staff is here to help you - ask!
How to get from A terminal to B terminal
Which airport? - open www.ifly, add your Airport and then click on "Terminal Map" under QUICK LINKS, then scroll down to the text.