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I have never flown before, and bought my tickets on line. So now I have a piece of paper I printed out that says i bought the tickets with ticket and seat numbers,,,So now what do i do with this when go to tacke my flight?
You need to take your printout to the Airport and either go with it to your airline counter for a boarding pass and baggage check-in (if you have a bag, in addition to your carry-on bag, which must fit either under your feet or in the overhead bin of your airplane) or - if you don't have a bag to check in - go to the self-service check-in machines and print our your boarding pass. Then you go through security check and on to your gate. I advise you to open, enter on top your Airport; then click on "Quick Links" at left and select "Terminal Map" - the map and the description thereunder will give you an idea of the airport's layout and how to get around. Also under "Traveler Tips" on top choose "Airports and First-Time flyers".
Where can you find price for the non-stop flights to DCA from Augusta that were just announced.
US Airways CRJ will starts service from AGS to DCA July 11, 2012, daily from AGS at 6:35pm; from DCA at 4:20pm. Contact US Airways for fares.
I heard that Modesto airport recently terminated the contract for flights to SFO. If so, are there going to be direct flights to LAX? I am keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you!
You can contact MOD directly at
Can we follow the flight on a map on ifly??
Click on iFly Pro!
Hello, I haven't traveled much and I have many questions. One of them is which airline to I do check in with at the airport? My itinerary says "SCANDINAVIAN SAS OPERATED BY /EXPRESSJET AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS" and "SCANDINAVIAN SAS OPERATED BY /DC FOR KF". For my first departing flight I will be leaving from Nashville (BNA).

My other questions is: if I ordered my ticket from Expedia, and I have many stops, do I have to claim and recheck my luggage every time I change planes? These are all the things my itinerary says: SCANDINAVIAN SAS OPERATED BY /EXPRESSJET AIRLINES DBA UNITED EXPRESS, SCANDINAVIAN SAS, SCANDINAVIAN SAS OPERATED BY /DC FOR KF, AMERICAN AIRLINES OPERATED BY AMERICAN EAGLE.
At BNA you check in with United. Your bags will be transferred thereafter at each leg of your journey.
Where is Delta Airline? Terminal A or B?
At MF Delta is in Terminal A.
When googling the Oslo airport terminal map all I can find is an overview showing the shape of the terminal. I want to find a good map showing gate numbers, restaurants, banks, restrooms, etc. Can you provide me a site where I can find such a map? Thank you.
While OSL does not have an official "Terminal Map", you may want to visit - when clicking on a listed item there, it will show you the location (no gate number) and other details.
Arriving in ohare from msp via United and connect with Asiana airlines for Korea..We only have 1 hr and 30 mins connecting time and needs to go through immigration,etc and traveling with a 2 & 4 yr, it feasible?how far from terminal 2 to 5( I guess)?any advice?
1. My listing for United is: Asiana Terminal 3; United Terminals 1, 2 & 5. (Terminal 5 being for all international arrivals). The ATS shuttle train runs every few mins from Terminal (T5) to T1 & back - taking at least 30 mins for the full loop. Also a pedestrian tunnel connects terminals 1, 2 & 3. You need not go through immigration (only on your return at T5). Terminal 3 has Concourses G H, K & L with corresponding gates. Terminal 3 has Concourses G, H, K & L with corresponding gates. On arrival at ORD, look at the overhead screens to find your connecting Asiana gate. Then follow signs to the ATS train or the tunnel.
The North Coast of the Dominican Republic is a major travel destination and I am wondering why La Union airport (POP) near Puerto Plata is missing from this sight and the iPhone app?
Information about this airport is one of the I purchased the app, having never traveled there before.
Could this information be added?


POP Airport with 755,877 passengers in 2011 deserves to be added. On my list. Thanks.
Hard to Find/ not enough signs or directions on roads must do a better job. Nicest TSA people I have ever dealt with/Born in the USA
Manners and smiles..helpful....Best is the way it should be. thx. I travel by air alot
You haven't given us the name of that Airport!