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how can I use public transportation to get from YYZ to Alliston ?
1. Alliston is part of the town of Tecumseth in Simco County,Ontario, Canada - located along Highway 89. 2. This is what's available in terms of public transportation at Toronto Pierson Airport: Public transportation includes bus & subway service to downtown Toronto, GO Transit bus to downtown & Toronto suburbs; Mississauga Transit bus service to Mississauga; Brampton Transit bus service within Brampton & Pacific Western Airport Express to downtown Toronto. Google one of these options to find a connection to Alliston.
I will be traveling to Hawaii with a 3 year old and my mother and have a 3 hour layover at ORD. Flying American Airlines, so I believe that is Terminal 3. Any suggestions for things to do in the Terminal so we don't have to go through security with the little one again?
Amenities in Terminal 3:
i had a recent bad experience making a connecting flight. Is 40 minutes enough time at CMH to make a connecting flight to Orlando?
40 minutes is tight if your incoming plane is late.
I arrive in SF at 8 am and don't catch my international flight until 5 pm. Want to meet family (not flying) for lunch at the airport. Is there somewhere we can meet?
1. I suggest you open - scroll first down to the last paragraph giving you transportation options in case you decide to meet outside the Airport (you have plenty of time). 2. For amenities & services inside the terminals, click on "Terminal Map", which has below the map detailed terminal description, and if you click on your terminal above the map you will find gate arrangement & restaurants & shops listing.
please tell me if I will came with an international flight from LONDON with AA and continue with an domestic flight to cleveland same AA company I must charge for first luggage at chicago aiport?
As an international arrival at Chicago O'Hare Airport you need to go through passport control, pick up bags, go through customs clearance and then re-check-in your bags before continuing to your connecting gate. In general, bags for each flight segment are charged separately, inquire at AA.
Is there a train that will take you from Midway to Miwaukee?
1. Amtrak Hiawatha -The Amtrak Hiawatha line provides service between downtown Milwaukee's Intermodal Station and Chicago's Union Station with stops at the Milwaukee Airport and Sturtevant in Wisconsin and Glenview in Illinois. 2. Midway is served by the L train.; you can board the Orange Line trains, which run to downtown Chicago and the Loop (total time 25 ins) in the terminal' station, where you can also catch the CTA buses.
We arrive in to T2 from Air Canada at 8.04 and have to find UA201 dep 9.21am for Honolulu in T2. We clear customs in Canada but will our bags have to be rechecked and what is the best route from T2 to T1?
You did not state your stopover airport - without knowing which Airport you arrive at /depart from, I cannot give you directions. As to baggage re-check-in make sure that at Canada Airport your bags will be properly tagged for all 3 airports, so that they will automatically arrive in Honolulu.
I will arrive on Continental 4554 at terminal A ( EWR)and leave 40 minutes later on continental 4916 from terminal C, is this enough time to transfer?
1. Both Terminal A (TA) and TC have 3 gateway: Gateway A1,2,3, C1,2,3. The Airtrain connects terminals - at TA close to gateway A2; at TC on th Upper Lev's center, - both arrive in the post-security area. NOTE: gate area A1 has gates A10-18, A2 gates A20-28; A3 gates 30-39. TC has gate area C1 arranged in a Y-shape with gates C70-75, C80-88 & C90-99 on each side; gate area C2 has gates C101A-115A-B (15 gates); gate area C3 has gates C12-130. As to time, 40 mins should suffice.
We are booked business class on a Quantus flight 4365 from Dallas to Sydney , Australia. We arrive on a domestic flight from Fort Lauderdale at 6.50pm and depart on Internatinal flight to Sydney at 7.55pm. Will we have time to get 5 people through customs/check in etc and get to the international terminal in one hr and 5 min? Help?
1. Note that only international departures need to go through customs procedure. If any one of your party arrives from an international flight, they need to go first through passport check,pick up bags, go trough customs clearance and then re-check-in their bags - taking up to 45 mins. The Skylink connects all terminals and makes several stops at Terminal D. 2. Domestic terminals are A, B & C. Gates areas are divided by the Skylink station, which is in the center. Terminal A has gates A13-16 & A29-34; Terminal B has gates B9-12 & B28-31; Terminal C has gates C1-12 & C27-32. Terminal D, the International Terminal, has gates running from west to east, starting with Gate D6 and ending with gate D40. Past gate D40 is a walkway to gates C1 to C32. The Skylink stops are near gates D1, D20, D25 & D34. One hour should get you to your Qantas flight on time.
How do I find out the gates before we travel because my daughter and i will have 20 minutes to get to next connection never been there before.Flying on delta june 16
You did not state the Airport. Connection time varies widely depending on which Airport you arrive/ depart from and which connection (train, shuttle, walking) you need to transfer between terminals, concourses and gates. Unless you are in the same terminal & in close proximity to your departure gate, 20 mins is inadequate. Look at your ticket to see which gate or terminal you arrive at / depart from.