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I'llbe arriving on United Express from Florida and connecting to United flight to China. Only have about one hour to do it. I guess I might arrive at Terminal A. How is the fastest way to get to tarminal C ?
Viajo de LAS a SJO con escala en Houston. Llego a la Terminal C y tengo una hora veintineve minutos para tomar el vuelo a Costa Rica en la Terminal E, debo recoger mi equipaje y hacer control aduanero en la Terminal C? o debo dirigirme con mi equipaje y hacer entrega de éste y trámite aduanero en la Terminal E? Es suficiente 1 hora con 29 minutos para cumplir este proceso?
I arrive from London on 1st March CO5 and have to connect to CO1510 to Liberia, Costa Rica. Which terminal do I arrive at and leave from and how long will it take me to get from one to the other? Thanks for your help.
How to get there from here
how can I find out my baggage
I will came from LONDON with AA 0047 and i will fly to cleveland in the same day with AA 3752. my question is that after I will arrived in chicago and retriev my luggage ,and transfer it to a domestic flight same company {ldelim}AA{rdelim} if I must pay for it?
My Air Berlin Flight is scheduled to arrive at 4:20 pm - terminal 4; Where do I pick up luggage & go thru customs? How do I get to Terminal 8 to American check-in for flight scheduled to leave JFK at 7:40 pm to check luggage. How long will it take to go get my luggage, go thru custome, get to terminal 8 and re-check luggage?
me and my mom are flying on the same day but different terminals. I need to help her check-in in terminal C, then I have to go back to terminal A. is 30 mins long enough to make it from C to A?

thank you!
so i was suppose to pay 23$ but instead got charged 66$. Got my pass through Ifly. The guy gave me a number for his boss i called and left a VM 3 hours ago but no where.
Went to the website but their is no person i can contact .
Anyone had this issue before what do i do?
im traveling to vegas from wa and it is my first time flying, i was told that with only my driver license i should be fine to bored my plane. is that true?
Indeed it is.