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My trip is going to Thailand;
I travel from Oregon (PDX) to connect flight of Delta to Japan (NRT). I have layover time in seattle (SEA) only 50 min.
Please let me know clearly how I go from Alaska airline to connect flight of Delta (inter). For example, what terminal?, concourse?, bus or train number?, south loop or north loop? etc.
In addition, do I need to be security checked again?
1. When checking in at PDX make sure that your bags will have on their tags all three Airport codes. Also ask if Alaska transfers bags to Delta flight (not all airlines do, in which case you would have to claim your bags at SEA and recheck them in with Delta). 2. You arrive via Alaska at SEA either at Satellite North (gates N1-16 or Concourse D (gates D1-12) - you need to look at your ticket. Delta will depart from Satellite South, which has gates S1-13. All concourses are connected at post-security, enabling passengers to freely move around without having to leave the secured area. Follow signs. To connect between the N gates and the S gates, take the train from South or North Satellite to the Main Terminal, then cross over and take the train on the opposite side, which is the shuttle that runs at post-security between the North & South stations.
I'm flying into LAX via American (T4) and flying out via Alaskan (T3). I've got a 1hr 15m layover and I won't be checking any baggage.

Since it looks like I need to pass through security again, how much time should I expect to spend moving from T4 to T3?

For what it's worth, I'm seated near the front of the plane on my arrival flight.
It is best to walk between T4, (pass the Bradley Terminal) to T3 - it should take you no more than 7 mins. (The bus goes counter-clockwise). Yes, you need to go through security again. If at morning rush hr prior to 9am, lines can, at times, take up to an hour, in general it's much faster.
We landed Sat morning from Huntington and have 40 min to make our connection to Orlando. My husband has an injured foot and can not walk fast. Will we be able to make our connection. Was not sure how far we would have to walk?
Huntington Airport is offering free wheelchairs (tel. 304) 453 6165)- you should contact your Airline to have a wheelchair ready at Orlando.
What is best way to meet MOX? Will I have to take shuttle to Terminal 1? Getting around or distances is not easy. Recommendations?
What Airport? what's MOX??
On April 5, flying in from Syracuse, NY on CO4815, arriving at 7:00 PM and leaving for Madrid, Spain on CO62 at 8:40 PM. Which terminal do we arrive in, which do we leave from, and how do we get from one to the other?
Depends on which Airport you arrive/depart from JFK or EWR? However, 100 mins for transfer will be enough.
klm a bad coustmer service they i will never take again
probably they did not understand you!
We will fly into chicago and then st.louis and then take cape air to Quincy,il do we go to another terminal or what to catch flight also do we have to pick up our bags before going onto quincy
At Manchester make sure your bags will have all 3 airport codes on the tag. Not sure whether your airline to Chicago will transfer your bags to Cape Air (find out - otherwise you need to collect your bags at St. Louis Lambert Airport and check them in with Cape Air). 2. As an international arrival at ORD O'Hare Airport, you need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bag - count on at least 35-45 mins for this. Thereafter, proceed up one level to the Airport Transit System where you can easily connect to either terminals 1, 2 or 3 for domestic flights. A free shuttle train running every few minutes can take you there. The International Terminal is Terminal 5. Open and click on "Terminal Map" - under the map is detailed description of all terminals & how to connect. Look at your ticket for gate numbers. This site will also give you transfer advice. For St. Louis Airport details, open
I'm considering booking a domestic flight with Virgin America that arrives at concourse A at 7:30pm then taking a flight out with Alaska Air that leaves at 8:20pm from Concourse D (it will be a on a Saturday night). Will I have enough time to connect if I have bags to collect and transfer to Alaska Air?
That depends on which Airport you arrive at (and at which terminal).
At my first experience at Houston airport I was shocked at the lack of free, airport-wide wifi access like at the Seattle airport. People huddled around the United Club entrance was a disgrace. I didn't realize Houston International was really a third-world airport.
Can you take duty free from one terminal to other at O'Hare without going thru security.
Tell the checkout counter that you need to transfer to another terminal - the separate bag for your purchase should be properly marked.