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How do I find out the gates before we travel because my daughter and i will have 20 minutes to get to next connection never been there before.Flying on delta june 16
You did not state the Airport. Connection time varies widely depending on which Airport you arrive/ depart from and which connection (train, shuttle, walking) you need to transfer between terminals, concourses and gates. Unless you are in the same terminal & in close proximity to your departure gate, 20 mins is inadequate. Look at your ticket to see which gate or terminal you arrive at / depart from.
The best (fastest) route from A9 to B11
Which Airport?
hi, we land from uk with delta, then have 1 hour to get to delta connecting flight to key west. Will we make it?
1. As an international arrival you need to go through passport check, pick up your bags, go through customs clearance and then re-check-in your bags before moving on to your connecting flight. This will take at least 35-45 mins. As you don't state the Airport you arrive at I am unable to give you directions how to transfer to your Delta flight, which will most likely be in another terminal. One hour is not enough.
if i have an AA flight arriving and my connecting AA flight departing all from Terminal 3 am I able to walkt from H11 gate to K2 gate?
Which Airport?
I will be transiting on int flights through Miami airport. Is there anywhere in the airport to buy a Kindle Touch?, or is it possible to have one posted to the MIA - (maybe the post office?) and pick it up while I am there? Thanks
Are there any shuttle services, like Super Shuttle, that one could take from TLH to St. George Island?
On arrival, inquire at the information desk in the arrivals area; You can also try these bus companies: bus services: Al Dria 850-580-2707; Astro 850-514-1793.
What is the fastest way to get from C2 to D23 and how long should it take? My daughter will arrive at C2 and have just over an hour to get to D23. Thanks for any help you can give.
That depends on which Airport you arrive at / depart from
Are there any sports stores (ie. Houston Texans store) in or around IAH Airport?
arriving at terminal 1, need to get to terminal 2 in 48mins! Whats the quickest way? Do I need to go thru security? Is this possible? Will I ever see my luggage again?
Which airport?
Hi all, What is a realistic time to get from international A to Terminal 2 on a typical Thursday at around 1420? I am looking to book a Virgin America flight to Las Vegas but I think 2 hours between the scheduled landing time and take off times is a bit close. Note- I will have no luggage to check in. Thanks
2 hours will be enough time.