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how do i get from terminal 1 to 3 and how long does it take?
You need to state the Airport you arrive at /depart from & which airlines you use.
Hello, my dad is arriving from SAC (Southwest, Term 1) and leaving on Air China (Term 2). Is it possible to walk? How does he do it? Thanks so much!
You did not state the Airport for his stopover; however, it must me LAX. Your Dad could either walk or take the bus. In either case he would have to exit T1 and at T2 would have to go through security check before moving on to his gate. When exiting T1, T2 is to the left. He could also wait for the LAX bus Route A on lower arrival level island (in front of each terminal), under sign 'LAX shuttle airline connection', which runs every 12-15 mins & would take only minutes.
Lost and Found at Newark found my laptop and are shipping it tomorrow. I am SO grateful!
Have to arrive in miami on time due to cruise. flying from westchester on american airline #5063 to change in 35 minutes for flite 294 to miami Not familar with this airport, will i have any trouble making my connecting flite since i only have 35 minutes layover?
I understand you depart from the Westchester County Airport via American. Is Miami your end destination, in which case which is your stopover airport; or is Miami your stopover airport, in which case what is your end destination airport? American Airlines uses Concourses D & E at MIA Airport. Concourse D with D gates is in the North Terminal, Concourse E with E gates is in the South Terminal, connected by the Skytrain (making 4 stops at the long Concourse D). To familiarize yourself with the layout and connections at MIA Airport, open & scroll down. Also click on 'Terminal Map' which has below the map details about all terminals & connections.
How do I get from A7 to B18 in 50 minutes. Running is not an option!
Can't answer without knowing which airport you arrive/depart from.
Worst baggage times waiting after a flight. If you fly into PHL carry-on only or you will be waiting 45 min to retrieve luggage - esp at USAirways during peak times. (Personal experience - arrived 10pm - waited 40 min - only flight to arrive in all B & C terminal.)
It will be a senior traveling. I need to know if the connection distance between flights is short enough to support a 1 hour layover. The flight originates in West Palm Beach, FL and connects in Charlotte to a flight to Charlottesville, VA.
Charlotte Douglas CLT Airport has one terminal with Concourses A through E - there is no need for a shuttle as all concourses surround the main terminal. Concourse A has gates A1-12; Concourse B gates B1-16; Concourse C gates C2-19; Conc. D gates D1-13 & Conc. E gates E1-32; Your ticket will indicate which gate you arrive/depart from. One hour is definitely adequate for your transfer.
just wondering if any rest. or coffee shops have opened up at the bellingham airport, well waiting to catch a flight out of the airport. Last time I left from there nothing was open. Thank you
I suggest you contact BLI Bellingham Airport at tel. (360) 671-5674 or visit
There is a great USED book store in RDU's new Terminal 2. Named 2nd Edition, located near Gate D-8. Wish all airports had one.
I have a family member arriving at 9:55am on 02/24/2012 directly from Atlanta, GA enroute from Monrovia, Liberia. I am coming from Philadelphia, PA. Where do I park and where do I go meet her.
I understand that you travel from Philadelphia to pick up a passenger at La Guardia Airport. Since I don't know which Airline your party takes to LGA I cannot tell you which terminal she arrives at. I suggest you open and click on "Terminal Map" - to familiarize yourself with the layout and terminal details (listed below the map). Note that LGA has no cell phone lot. These are the parking options you have: 1. Terminal A (Marine Terminal) parking: Metered lot (2-hr limit), P6 daily lot and further south P7 daily lot.
2. Terminal B (Central Terminal) parking: (a) Garage parking is across from the terminal, with premium reserved parking on level 1, aisles D & E and level 4 at front row ; and (b) Daily lots P1 & P2.
3. Between Terminals B & C is long-term lot P3, reached by shuttle.
4. Terminal C (U.S. Airways Terminal) parking: Premium reserved parking at Aisle 403 and daily parking P4.