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My panrents will travel to ORD then to final destination Minneapolis, I want to know if there is a way to have their baggage carried for them to the next terminal 3 American airlines in ORD airport that is after the custom ( they will be coming on Etihad airlines ) so carry their luggage from terminal 5 to terminal 3
1. First and foremost your parents should contact Etihad and ask if will transfer their checked bags at ORD to connecting flight to MSP Airport (chances are they will) - bags need to have all 3 airport codes on their tags. 2. As international arrivals at ORD, your parents need to go through passport check, retrieve checked bags, go through customs clearance and - if transferring to another flight - re-check-in bags - they can rent a baggage cart or ask for assistance. 3. After exiting the Federal Inspection and luggage re-check areas, they should proceed up one level to the Airport Transit System where they can easily connect to Terminal 3 for domestic flight to Minneapolis.
which airport is easier for a cnx to international UA/CO travel: LAX to MUC via: ORD, IAD, or EWR ??? Pls Help.
The security people and culture in the check in security at Austin Bergstrom today was the best ever experienced. Everyone happy and professional. Keep up the good work.
Where can I rent a car?
In general, rental car counters are located in the Arrivals are of the Airports, near the baggage reclaim area.
I arrive on Alaska Airlines from ANC
I have a 6 hour layover then take Southwest to SLC, will I have to exit the secured are and go to baggage get my bag and then check in at southwest?
1. You are not clear - is there a stopover airport between ANC & SLC - which Airport? 2. If you happen to arrive at ANC from an international flight, connecting to SLC, you need to go through customs clearance & re-check-in your bags. No matter where your layover is, and considering the long time of your layover, you may want to leave the secured area to have more food & shopping choices; on your return to your connecting gate, you need to go through security check.
we arrive in Houston at 4:44pm and leave for Puebla at 5:49pm. Is this enough time for the connection?
1. Houston Intercontinental Airport has International terminals E & D and domestic terminals A, B & C. If you arrive at IAH from an international flight, you need to spend 35-45 mins for customs clearance & re-check-in of baggage before proceeding to connecting terminal & gate for your PUB flight. The above-ground TerminaLink train connects all terminals inside security; the below-ground Inter-Terminal Train connects all terminals and hotel outside security. Look at your ticket to see which gate you arrive at/depart from; also check the overhead screens on arrival at IAH for your connecting flight. You make it easily if you are not an international arrival; otherwise, you really need to hurry!
I'm arriving from YVR to ORD @5:17 pm and leaving ORD for MUC@6:06pm all with United Airlines. Is this enough time to make the connection?
I take it that Regina Airport has U.S. customs clearance - saving you time on arrival at ORD. Terminal 2 is your arrivals terminal & Terminal 1 your departure terminal, both are connected at their gate area (your ticket should indicate arrival & departure concourses & gates) Note that T1 has B & C Concourses/ gates, while T2 has E & F Concourses/ gates. You have enough time.
Upon arriving home Wed. night, I was missing a small bag with about $500 worth of jewelry in it. This may have been stolen or misplaced during the extra long security search on one of my carry on bags. Does anyone have a suggestion for trying to get this back? Whom would I contact?
Each Airport has its own rules regarding lost & found items. Larger airports also furnish TSA security checkpoint contacts. You need to state the name of the Airport before I can help you. In general any valuables belong into the carry-on bag - only one bag is allowed, which must fit under seat or overhead compartment.
My family and I will be arriving at JFK at 6:55am (Terminal 5) and need to catch another flight at 8:20 am at Terminal 3. We plan to check in luggage. Is this enough time to get our luggage, get to terminal 3, and then check in again? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Unless Your arriving JetBlue Airline does not automatically transfer your bags to your Delta connection, you need not retrieve your bags at T5. (When checking in at your original departure Airport, make sure that bags are properly tagged for all 3 Airports - also make sure that JetBlue forwards your bags to Delta flight.) Getting from T5 to T3: All terminals are served by free AirTrain, running on average every 8 mins; at T5 it stops near gate 25 (or gate 1 opposite of it); at T3 it stops outside of domestic arrivals.
Do Starbucks (Before Security) has some Starbucks "Houston" tumblers in the store shelves ? .. do anyone know ? I would love to have one .. Thank you.