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I'm considering booking a domestic flight with Virgin America that arrives at concourse A at 7:30pm then taking a flight out with Alaska Air that leaves at 8:20pm from Concourse D (it will be a on a Saturday night). Will I have enough time to connect if I have bags to collect and transfer to Alaska Air?
That depends on which Airport you arrive at (and at which terminal).
At my first experience at Houston airport I was shocked at the lack of free, airport-wide wifi access like at the Seattle airport. People huddled around the United Club entrance was a disgrace. I didn't realize Houston International was really a third-world airport.
Can you take duty free from one terminal to other at O'Hare without going thru security.
Tell the checkout counter that you need to transfer to another terminal - the separate bag for your purchase should be properly marked.
What would be the fastest way to get from terminal 1 to terminal 6?
Which Airport? If LAX, you could walk from T1 to T6 (on opposite sides of the parking garages; however, it's not a straight line. Otherwise you would need to take the LAX bus Route A on lower arrival level island (in front of each terminal), under sign 'LAX shuttle airline connection', which runs every 12-15 mins. Your next stops would be T2, T3, TBIT, T4, T5, T6 - 6 stops or 15 mins.
Which post is closes for departure for Flights on Cathy Pacfic
Which airport?
Are there any restaurants outside the security gates in terminal one?
I will be waiting to meet a group and I want to have breakfast while I wait. I want to pick up my bags and then find somewhere to have breakfast while I wait
In general, most of the food & drink facilities are located in the pre-security areas of the terminals. Large Airports also have some post-security facilities.
Hope you folks and the new airline have much success. Also hope for flights to ATL direct that re a little more inexpensive than the current rates. As I look through the airlines, you folk are not any cheaper than ORF right now.
We are flying from DCA/Cozumel via Charlotte... our flight leaves DCA@0645,arrives in Charlotte@0816... we then depart @0940 for Charlotte... is this enough time....
Plenty of time for transfer - You can walk from Concourse to Concourse - no shuttle required. Concourse A (Air Canada, AirTran, American, Continental, Delta, United) has gates A1-12 to the left; Concourse B (US Airways) has gates B1-16 southwest; Concourse C (US Airways) has gates C2-19 southeast; Concourse D (Insel Air, JetBlue, Lufthansa, US Airways) has gates D1-13 to the right; Concourse E (US Airways Express) has gates E1-32 northeast.
Is there somewhere that I can buy an Ipad at Houston Airport?
I'm flying from Anchorage on US air and have 40 minutes to make a connection to another US air flight to Philadelphia, is that enough time ???