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How long to realistically allow for airport security check-in at OAK on a Monday afternoon in August, heading to an international flight with online check-in? Missed a domestic flight there last year after standing still in security check in for 90+minutes.
Your airport wifi is NOT working.
This is not any airport's website.
Hi! I have to bring a supplement with me that is in a overnight flat envelope. Does the airport require I open it for them? They are only powder supplements that I capsule myself and are necessary for my well being. Thank you.
You may be required to open the envelope if they want to inspect them. However, you don't have to preemptively open the envelope or take it out of the bag.
I have flight LH185 arriving to Frankfurt at 12:55 to connect with LH542 at 14:15 to Bogotá by gate Z25. Please tell me if the 80 minutes is enough time to get walking from A18 to Z25.? I Thank you in advance for your cordial help.
Yes, that should be enough time if the first flight is on-time.
You need to contact your airline.
When flying from Honolulu to Dallas do we need to go through customs again? or will we be fine since Hawaii is a US state
Thanks heaps
Hawaii and Texas are both parts of the United States of America. There is no Immigration or Customs when traveling on domestic flights.
Thanks Zac, My friend & I traveled from Australia to Honolulu 10 days ago. Since we've already entered the US, your advice should still apply I imagine. Cheers
How soon before a flight to Jacksonville Florida would be required before flight leaves?
60 minutes without checked bags and 75-90 with checked bags.
Actually, sorry, I just read that you meant "to Jacksonville, Florida". Departing from where?
Time to clear customs in MCO from San Jose Costa Rica?
30-60 minutes to actually clear Immigration and customs.
Thank you ZAP!
I'm flying into charlotte from charleston to get a connecting flight to heathrow. The layover in charlotte is only 1hr 5 mins. Is this long enough to catch my flight to heathrow
Yes, all you have to do is walk from your arrival gate to your departure gate.
Thank you Zap
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