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  • Transfer from T-3 to T-5 at Chicago o'hare airport - ORD
    Jul 8, 2013
    I've flight schedule on July 18 from Memphis (AA flt 2821) to Hongkong (flt 807) with 3 hrs layover time at Chicago O'Hare airport. I am a first timer and not familiar with O'Hare airport. Please help me. I need to transfer my baggage from T-3 to T-5 and catch-up with the connecting flight to Hongkong. In your opinion, how much would it cost if I hire a taxi and drop me at T-5. Thanks to your help.


    Were both of your tickets bought on one reservation? If so, then American should transfer your bags to Cathay Pacific for you. All you have to do to get between T3 and T5 is to take the ATS train between terminals (one stop). It is clearly marked with signage and should take no more than 20 minutes. Once you get to T5 you'll get your Cathay Pacific boarding pass if you don't already have it and go back through security. Barring very serious delays, you should have plenty of time.


  • picking up incoming passenger
    Jul 5, 2013
    I cannot find out where to go to pick up an incoming passenger on United Airlines from Houston. There are two places to pick up passengers and I want to be at the correct one


    Presuming you mean Houston Bush Intercontinental IAH (and not Houston Love HOU): Bush has 5 terminals A - E, and United uses A, B, C & E. If your party is an international arrival, they will be processed in Terminal D and should proceed to the International Arrivals Hall, where you can pick them up. If domestic arrival, go to the baggage claim level & meet them at the information desk. You can also pick up one of the white phones and have them paged. Alternatively, you can use the Cell Phone Lot ('Passenger Pickup Lot')--stay with your vehicle until your party has gathered luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb. To access the lot, whether you're approaching the airport using John F. Kennedy Boulevard or Will Clayton Parkway, just follow the purple signs to the entrance.


    What airline are you picking this person up at?


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