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Hi, I'm Vietnamese. I got a flight from Ho Chi Minh ( Vietnam) to Toronto (Canada) transfer in IAD Washington. Do I need a transit visa?
Yes, you need a US Transit Visa.
Thank you ZAP.
i land in TA-west on international flight at 13.40 and need to transfer to TC for domestic flight at 15.26. do i have enough time and how long is the walk to TC
We are flying from Orlando to Boston on 9/08/2017 we have 45 minutes to connect for areflight to Manchester what terminal do we fly into and what terminal do we fly out from we arrive on delta and fly out on virgin
You arrive in Terminal A and depart from Terminal E. You barely have enough time if everything goes perfectly.
Thanks Zap I have spoke to Virgin tonight they have changed flights to come home via Atlanta better times between flights
Our flight arrives in Terminal B. What is the best way to get to the San Juan Airport Hotel located in Terminal D?
Just walk. All the "terminals" in San Juan are just concourses.
Is there access from domestic SF terminals to the. SF international terminal without a transfer pass? I'm arriving domestic from Fresno at the same time my granddaughter arrives from Europe. To the international terminal. Would love to see her before my next flight east.
Only between Terminal 3 and Concourse G of the International Terminal.
Is there a "cell phone parking lot" where I can wait for my family to call and say they are ready to be picked up?
What airport?
US resident flying from Dallas to Nairobi through Miami and London. First 2 legs on American then London to Nairobi on British Airways. Thanks
You will go through Kenyan Immigration and Customs in Nairobi. That's it.
I have a flight with a departure time of 6:15 am on 5/29. I am TSA precheck - how early do I need to be to the airport ?
What airport?
What time does American Airlines ticket counter open on Saturday mornings?
What airport?
phone and license stole from bin while goinjng through security check point