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Landing Atlanta from Detroit at terminal south going to New Bern NC...Do you know what gate I am goin to? I have only 38 minutes to my Delta connecting flight.
Delta is also in the South Terminal. You need to look at your ticket for gate number. Alternatively, look at the flight number you depart from to New Bern and check it on arrival with the overhead fight screen, then follow signs.
I'm going to be flying form Omaha, NE to Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport.
I'm leaving 12-01-12 at 6:40 am. I don't arrive in Bangkok until 11:45 pm two days later. Then I leave Bangkok 1:05 am and arrive in Omaha 9:59 pm. This is my FIRST INTERNATIONAL HOLIDAY. I know they're about 14 hours ahead or so. My question is what Date and TIME will I arrive in Bangkok and the same thing for my return???
Step by step how do I get from the Yakima, WA Alaska docking terminal to Southwest going to Tampa, FL and then back again?
1. at Yakima - Horizon Air (part of Alaska Airlines) (tel. 1-800-547-9308) provides daily flights to/from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (Sea-Tac. 2. At Sea-Tac - you will arrive at Concourse C & depart from Concourse B. Simply follow signs to your gate. (B gates are B1-15, C gates are C1-20). 3. At Tampa you arrive & depart at Airside C. - great place, you'll love it!
Does anyone know what the gate number is that will allow you to connect to another terminal via shuttle bus? I will be at terminal 4 going to terminal 3. This will prevent having to go through security.
I have a 30 min layover time from flight AA T3 concourse G to AA T3 concourse L. Is this sufficient time? Also, is there anything else I would have to?
oh....and this is at O'hare aiport in Chicago.
Your layover is at Chicago O'Hare (ORD) - when arriving at Concourse G, just follow signs to Concourse L. Hurry!
I am flying from Detroit to Lihue airport, with a connecting flight at LAX do i have to claim my baggage there and recheck it or does it automatically go with me. thanks for any help
I arrive into IAH on Jan 3 at 10pm but, I have a long layover. for my flight to Belize dose not leave until 6am the next morning. . Am I allowed to sleep in the boarding area.
Google 'Sleeping at Airports'.
Have a flight that arrives in LAX from ATL at 2130 then connecting at LAX to SYD departing 2245 - that is an 1hr 15 layover - am I likely to make this flight?
That depends on the airline you take. You need to look at your ticket to see which gate you arrive/ depart from. T1 has gates 1-14; T2: 21-39; T3: 30-39; T4 42-49; T5 50-69; T6 60-69; T7 70-77; T8: 80-88. TB (aka TBIT or Bradley Terminal): gates 101-123. At ATL make sure your bags are properly tagged to LAX & SYD, so they will arrive in SYD. On arrival, if you need to get to another terminal, note that T5, 6 & 7 are connected by tunnel and T7 has walkway to T8 & T6. Alternatively, LAX's terminals are arranged in a U-shape, served by the LAX bus Route A on lower arrival level island (in front of each terminal), under sign 'LAX shuttle airline connection', which runs every 12-15 mins. Starting from TBIT, the next stops are at T4 through T8, it then goes on to the opposite side with T1, T2, T3 and back to TBIT. Count 2.5 mins for each stop.
Thanks pilotjoe for details - am flying Delta into and out of LAX.
When connecting in Canada ,do I need to have as transist visa to connect from London to Miami?