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Have you ever had to eat in an airport and walked what felt like miles up and down the terminal trying to find at least one healthy entrée? Of course you have!

I’m Marcey Rader, Lifestyle Trainer for Mobile Professionals. I understand first-hand that business travel isn’t just part of your job, it’s a lifestyle. I spent over a decade traveling around the world for my job and have suffered through that same struggle. Now I own a business helping road warriors like you be healthy and productive on the road. Because iFly is my fave site for air travel productivity and health, they asked me to write about health hacks for air travel. I was happy to oblige.

My belief is that you can’t be healthy without being productive and you can’t be productive without being healthy, especially when you’re traveling for business. The first item we’ll cover is Airport Nutrition (Oxymoron? Yes.)