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When connecting in Canada ,do I need to have as transist visa to connect from London to Miami?
If you show up on time for checkin and do pack as required by TSA and do not opt to jump a earlier flight and have your Travel Agent book flights with enough connection time between flights you luggage will make it to its destination remember it takes at least 20 minutes to unload a plane upon arrival and if you are running to the next flight you will arrive at your final destination with out your luggage as luggage does not Run......make sure that you are not out for a smoke at the final destination as another pax bag take your bag in not always the airlines fault for delayed bag not lost bags
Two first time flyers transfer from AA 407 (arrives from ORD Thanksgiving Day) to AA 1173 (departs for DFW same day) Where are their gates? I understand AA used Concourse D is this correct?
As American /American Connection, American Eagle depart/ arrive from Terminal 3, you arrive and depart from either of these Concourses: G, H, K or L: The upper levels of terminal leads to L gates at left, Y-shaped Concourse K, with gates K1-K20 and Concourse H with gates H3-H18 in the center, and Concourse G with gates G1A-G21 to the left - with gates G13-G17 on the Concourse's lower level.
i have a flight from ABQ to SMF but have to change planess in SEA and only have a 15 min time to do so. will i have enough time??? It is my first time flying and i am doing it alone:\
15 mins for any connecting flights is absurd! When you enter ABQ you need to go through security check, check in your bag if you have one (other than your small on-board bag which should fit in the overhead bin or under your feet at the airplane)- your checked bags needs to have the tags for all 3 airports to arrive at SMF - then proceed to your gate. At SEA, depending on which airline you arrive at and depart from, you may have to switch: All concourses are connected at post-security, enabling passengers to freely move around without having to leave the secured area. The satellites are linked to the main terminal by continuously running underground loop trains. If your flight will depart from one of the satellite terminals, add an extra 10-15 minutes to your boarding schedule.
its my 1st time flying without someone helping me get to my gate HELP! I'm really scared cuz now since I'm 14 I'm 2 old for assistance like last year HELP ME!
You can still ask people especially airline staff with ID badges for help! Don't be bashful, ask the more people the better. Most people want to help. I am a father of two teenagers and I want to help you but I won't be there. God bless you and I pray you have a safe trip and a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
I booked a flight for my girlfriend who lives in PA. Her flight leaves from a smaller airport (LNS) to Baltimore using Cape Air. Her layover is an hour and 18 minutes between flights

The question is, will she handle the security and bag checks at the smaller airport, or are they just going to fly her there and drop her off? I just worry that she will have to go through everything with only an hour and 18 minutes.

We're both new to flying, so we're extremely nervous and confused
Not sure - is BWI her last stop or is she transferring to another flight from there? If it's her last stop, she'll arrive at Concourse D. If she has a bag to check in, she will do that in LNS and retrieve it in the baggage area of BWI - you can meet her there. If she needs to transfer to another flight, she may have to re-check-in her bag (depending on airline rules). You need to look at ticket which gate her flight would leave from (A, B, C, D or E gates, i.e. "A11", etc.). Transfer time is sufficient.
I plan to travel on Jan 9th,2012 from SNA to YUL. My plan AC5171 from SNA will arrive at ORD (T1) at 12:37 and I'll have 38min to get AC8654 from ORD(T2). Can you please tell me if I'll be on time before I book the fligt? (I have only carry-on luggage). Thank You.
While Montreal Airport has a US customs check (no need for international arrivals inspection at the US), 38 mins is not advisable, particularly in winter, causing possible flight delays. Also, note that T2 has a gateway splitting into E & F Concourses - each with 14 gates, gates F11A, B & C being on lower level. You can connect between T1 & T2 in the secured area (not at gates), but it's complicated.
Going on a Spirit Airlines flight to Vegas! Woohoo!

This information was helpful and is keeping my wits from going off the deep end. Nervous about flying...any tips on that?
Just consider it a new adventure - nothing to worry about!
I choosed Bmi only for the return time, it was very comfortable and no stress to go back to work after vacation. But Bmi changed the time 3 times! Without thinking about the passengers.
Would anyone be able to advise if I am able to buy a prepaid phone card for an Iphone 3 at JFK airport?
My last name is hyphenated. On my travel information it's all listed as one word (no hyphen) Will I run into any problems at the airport/.
I have never had a problem, despite the difference.
i'm a first time flyer and have heard and seen lots of things about flying - but is it a good idea to get a window seat over the wings? i was told to watch the wings and that they are the most stable part of a plane, especially during turbulance, is it true or just a myth?
I'm not quite sure, but a friend of mine who has flown dozens of times has also stated that area of the plane is the most stable, and that she tries to get a seat there because of feeling sick while on planes. Not certain if that helps or not.
Remember planes are safer than cars. Many more people die in cars statistically than in planes. All pilots of commercial aircraft are seasoned professionals. But if you are nervous, I would recommend not looking out the window or at the wings, just look at the safety professionals known as flight attendants. Up, up and away said superman.