Aeroflot Russian Airlines

IATA Airline code: SU
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Main Phone 7 495 2235555
Additional Phones 8-800 3335555

Online check-in & baggage payment Passengers can check-in online for any Aeroflot flights (except joint code-share) leaving Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, or from a list of cities, except to USA & India. If traveling with infant under 2 years you need to check in at the airport counter. You can check in 24 hrs to 1.5 hours prior to departure, print your boarding pass, and bypass the Airport's check-in counter (with carry-on luggage only - all other baggage has to be checked at the check-in desks).

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees Linear dimensions of carry-on bag for all classes of service cannot exceed 115cm (55x40x20cm). You are allowed one bag, the weight of which depends on the service class: Economy class up to 10kg; Kommersant, Business, Premier & President classes up to 15 kg. Additionally you are allowed to bring a handbag, onboard reading material, baby food & seat, umbrella, blanket, coat, duty-free items, assistive devices (crutches or canes). You cannot bring a wheelchair onboard. All carry-on items need to fit under your seat or into the overhead bin.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees 1. Free baggage allowance is dependent upon flight destinations and service class. All bags need to be tagged with name & address written in Latin letters for international identification. You will get a check-in receipt for each bag checked, which you will need if a bag is delayed or lost. Most worldwide destinations now apply the Weight Concept, while the exceptions thereto still use the Piece Concept. These concepts apply to free bag allowance, to oversized, and to additional bags (by weight or by piece). Free checked bag allowance applies to the following routes: (a) by Weight Concept on all flights except to/from USA and to/from Angola; (b) by Piece Concept of flights to/from USA and to/from Angola. Linear dimensions are the sum of the bag's height, width & length. 2. Where piece allowance applies to destinations to/from USA & Angola only. Special items (ski equipment, surboards up to 168cm, golf bags, bicycles, diving gear, etc.) are considered as one regular piece of baggage for any service class, as long as total weight of item does not exceed 23kg. 3. Note that free bag allowance on some routes at certain periods might change. The minimum fre baggage allowance is 10kg.

Aeroflot Russian Airlines Flights

Aeroflot Russian Airlines has flights that serve the following cities/airports:
Please note: this list only includes Aeroflot Russian Airlines and not any code-share or partner flights. Aeroflot Russian Airlines flights serve these cities directly. Flights are available on Aeroflot Russian Airlines from each airport to all airports listed. These are not direct flights; multiple connections may be required.

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