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Westjet Airlines Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on Westjet Airlines, a leading Canadian airline. From company details, flight status tracking, and aircraft fleet, to partnerships, customer service, and the evolution of the airline, we've got you covered. For more information on other major passenger airlines, check out iFly's Airline Guide. Let's dive into the details.

Company Information

Founded in 1996 and headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Westjet Airlines operates around 700 daily flights to over 100 destinations, serving an average of 25 million passengers annually. For more company details, click here.

Flight Status & Tracking

Stay updated with your Westjet Airlines flight status through their website, mobile app, or airport FID screens. This airline also offers real-time flight tracking using GPS, radar, and satellite communication.

Check Westjet Flight Status to get current departure, arrival, or delay status of any flight, including flight tracker on a map.

Airport & Airline Tips and Resources

Check here to get details on airports that Westjet Airlines operates from, such as terminals used, baggage claim, check-in, and more.

If you need to see all of the WS flights departures (or arrivals) for a specific airport, use the Flight Status widget on this page, select your airport, and you’ll be presented with a list of flights and their full details.

Traveler’s Guide to Flights, you can learn about commercial flights, the flight booking process, how (and why) flight numbers are selected and retired, as well as insights into air traffic control and who the world’s governing bodies are for commercial aviation (like the FAA in the USA).

Aircraft Fleet

Westjet operates a diverse fleet of Boeing and Bombardier aircraft, with a commitment to modernity and fuel efficiency. Their fleet includes the latest addition, the Boeing 737 MAX 8. Onboard, passengers can enjoy spacious cabins, in-flight entertainment, and Wi-Fi on select aircraft. For more on their aircraft fleet, click here.

Partners & Alliances

Despite not being part of any major airline alliance, Westjet has established numerous codeshare agreements with notable carriers. They have also entered into significant partnerships with corporations to offer exclusive benefits to passengers. Learn more about these collaborations here.

Gateway Hubs

Delve into the intricate world of airline operations with our comprehensive guide on gateway hubs. Discover how these pivotal points in the air travel network facilitate seamless connections for passengers, optimize route networks, and contribute to the overall efficiency of an airline's operations. Learn about the strategic importance of choosing a hub location, and how airlines like Westjet have evolved their hub systems over the years to enhance their network reach and provide more convenient travel options for passengers.

Flights & Destinations

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Baggage Help

Understanding baggage rules, limits, and fees is crucial when traveling by air. This article provides comprehensive information about the baggage policies of Westjet Airlines. From carry-on bags, checked baggage, to extra, oversized, and special items, it covers all the details you need to ensure a smooth and efficient travel experience. Be sure to check the most accurate and up-to-date baggage info on the day of your flight to avoid any inconvenience or additional charges at the airport.


Are you preparing to embark on an adventure with your furry friend on Westjet Airlines? This article covers everything you need to know, from booking procedures and pet fees, to carrier specifications and travel restrictions. Whether you plan to have your pet accompany you in the cabin or transport them as checked baggage or cargo, we've got you covered. Learn more about traveling with pets on Westjet Airlines.

Airline Evolution

From a small regional operator in 1996 with just three aircraft serving five destinations, Westjet has grown into one of Canada's largest airlines. Discover their journey, including their expansion into international markets and the introduction of new services like Westjet Vacations here.

Quick Facts About Westjet Airlines

  • WestJet Airlines is a Canadian low-cost carrier that was established in 1996.
  • It is the second-largest Canadian air carrier, behind Air Canada.
  • WestJet serves 100+ destinations in North America, Central America, the Caribbean and Europe.
  • WestJet's primary hub is located in Calgary International Airport.
  • WestJet offers an economy class and a premium economy class, known as Premium.
  • WestJet has a rewards program called WestJet Rewards which allows frequent flyers to accumulate and redeem points.
  • WestJet operates a fleet of Boeing aircraft, with models including the Boeing 737, 767, and 787.
  • WestJet provides in-flight entertainment using a system called WestJet Connect, which passengers can access on their own devices.
  • WestJet has codeshare agreements with numerous airlines, expanding their reach to destinations around the world.
  • The airline is known for its friendly service and culture of care.

Customer Service

Westjet offers superior customer service, from flight information and reservations assistance to handling lost or damaged luggage. Enhance your travel experience with their mobile app. For more details, click here.

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