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Online check-in & baggage payment

Online checkin can be done between 24 hrs and 90 mins prior to scheduled departure.You can check in on the web if you: (a) have an electronic ticket with confirmed reservations on flights operated by Egyptair; (b) carry approved cabin baggage only (you can proceed directly to the boarding gate). Passengers with check-in baggage need to go to the special Egyptair Baggage Drop counters in the Airport at least one hour before departure. As boarding gates close 30 minutes before flight departure, arrive at security checks and boarding at least 45 minutes ahead. For online check-in cancelation call 1717 or 090070000 at least one hour before departure.

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

You can bring onboard one carry-on bag not to exceed 23x40x55cm and 8 kg, including wheels, handles & side pockets. MS and/or Star Alliance Gold members are allowed 2 bags in F & C classes and one bag in Y class. (Note that on code-share flights, United Airlines allows 1 piece of cabin baggage and 1 personal item for all first, business and economy class with linear dimension per piece up to 19x31x53cm. This also applies to infants not occupying a seat.) Additionally you can carry a small handbag for personal items (such as eyeglasses, sunglasses, baby onboard needs, hygiene products), or a briefcase with laptop. You can also bring onboard a coat or blanket, a camera, umbrella, and food for onboard consumption, as well as duty-free items (with exceptions). All carry-on items must fit either under the seat in front of you or into the overhead bin. Wheelchairs & assistive devices will be x-rayed and sent to the aircraft hold.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

If weight concept applies, Egyptair has

Baggage rules & fees by destination

DestinationFrom/to USA & Canada (Piece Concept applies)
Linear dimensions/weight158cm/62in and 23kg/50lb
Regular size & weight feesEconomy Y: First 2 bags free up to 23kg; Infants under 2: 1 bag up to 23kg, plus a collapsible stroller.
Overweight feesAdditional bags over your free allowance are charged at the following rates: 1. Travel to the U.S. (a) Between U.S. East Coast and Egypt $115; (b) between U.S. West Coast and Egypt $125. (c)A one-piece rate applies to the first leg of the trip (CAI/JFK $115) and any point beyond JFK, but within USA is $125 USD. 2. Between Egypt & Canada: 1,000 EGP or equivalent; between Canada & Egypt C$220 or equivalent. Baggage over 32 kg need to be shipped as cargo.
Oversized feesIf bags measure between 158 to 203cm , 2 fixed charges will apply, for over 203cm 3 fixed charges will apply; and pets have 2 fixed charges.
First and Business classFrom/to USA & Canada (Piece Concept applies)
DestinationTo/from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Far East
Linear dimensions/weightWeight Concept Appies
Regular size & weight feesEconomy Y Class: up to 20kg/44lb; Infants under 2 up to 10kg/23lb.
Overweight feesExcess baggage frees apply to any additional bags checked-in above your free allowance Depending on your final destination excess bags are charged by kilogram, at 1.5 percent of the normal direct adult one-way economy class fare. Contact you travel agent or nearest Egyptair office for information on excess baggage.
Oversized fees
First and Business classTo/from Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Far East

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