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Important Information

ATA Airline code CZ

Website www.flychinasouthern.com/

Main Phone 001 323 6538088

Alt Phone 001 323 6538088

Online check-in & baggage payment

Online check-in, including onboard food order, is available. However, you have to check in (register) your baggage in person.

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

1. Onboard luggage is referred to as 'unregistered baggage'. Economy & Business Class passengers can take onboard one carry-on bag, while Busines Class passengers are entitled to two. Baggage cannot exceed 20x40x55cm or 5kg. 2. You may carry a digital camera, MP3, mobile phone, mobile phone charger, CD player and laptop, hair dryer etc., placed into the carry-on baggage with prior showing and explanation to the security officer.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

1. Baggage can only be accepted for registration on day of departure. 'Registered Baggage' refers to checked baggage. 2. Flights to U.S.A.: You need to either keep you bags unlocked or use a special lock which the TSA officials can open for inspection. 3. While the piece system (per bag) is applied to the USA, Canada & Europe, the weight system (per kg) applies to all other destinations. If piece system applies, free baggage allowance should be no greater than 40x60x100cm or 200 linear cm. Children over 2 years pay full fare and are entitled to adult baggage allowances. 4. The overweight baggage charge are based on 1.5 percent of economy class airfare on the day when overweight baggage ticket is issued.

Baggage rules & fees by destination

DestinationFlights to All Destinations (other than USA, Canada & Europe)
Linear dimensions/weightWeight concept applies and allowance depends on class.
Regular size & weight feesEconomy class up to 20kg free
Overweight feesOverweight charges based on 1.5 percent of economy class fare on issue date of overweight bag ticket.
Oversized fees150-203cm
First and Business classFlights to All Destinations (other than USA, Canada & Europe)
DestinationFlights to/from Europe
Linear dimensions/weight158cm/62in and 23kg/50lb
Regular size & weight feesEconomy: first bag free; second bag from Europe: EUR 55; bags 3+ EUR200 each; from other countries same in US $
Overweight fees23-32kg 100 EUR/$100
Oversized feesOver 158cm 300 EUR/$300
First and Business classFlights to/from Europe
DestinationFlights to/from USA & Canada
Linear dimensions/weight158cm/62in and 23kg/50lb
Regular size & weight feesEconomy: First 2 bags free
Overweight fees23-32kg 900 yuan, $110; 32-45kg 2,700 yuan, $300
Oversized fees158-203cm 900 yuan, $110; over 203cm 2,700 yuan, $330
First and Business classFlights to/from USA & Canada