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Air France Memberships & Partners

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Air France Partnerships & Alliances

Air France, with the IATA Code AF, is a prominent member of the SkyTeam Alliance. SkyTeam Alliance, one of the three major global airline alliances, was founded in June 2000 by four airlines, and Air France was one of the founding members. Being part of such an alliance offers Air France various benefits, including seamless transfers for passengers, coordinated schedules, and a shared frequent flyer program.

Beyond the SkyTeam Alliance, Air France has also established an array of codeshare agreements with other air carriers. These codeshare agreements enable Air France to sell seats on flights operated by its partner airlines, thus expanding its reach and offering its customers a more diverse range of destinations. Some of Air France's codeshare partners include Air Corsica, Air Mauritius, and Bangkok Airways, amongst others.

In addition to alliances and codeshares, Air France has entered into joint ventures to further boost its global presence. Its most notable joint venture is with KLM, Delta Airlines, and Virgin Atlantic. This transatlantic joint venture allows the airlines to share costs and revenues on certain routes, creating a more unified service for customers. This collaboration benefits passengers by providing more flight choices, enhanced connectivity, and integrated customer service across the Atlantic.

Air France has also established special partnerships with various corporations outside of the aviation industry. One such partnership is with Accor Hotels. With this partnership, passengers can earn Air France KLM - Flying Blue Miles when they book accommodations with Accor, and conversely, earn hotel points for Accor's loyalty program when booking flights with Air France. These strategic partnerships provide a value-added experience for Air France customers, further solidifying the airline's commitment to customer satisfaction and convenience.

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