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Air India Partnerships & Alliances

Air India, represented by the IATA code AI, is a well-established member of the Star Alliance. This membership represents a pivotal point in the airline's history. Air India officially joined the Star Alliance on July 11, 2014, marking its ascent into the league of the world's largest airline alliance, comprised of 26 member airlines from around the globe.

The Star Alliance membership has notably broadened Air India's horizons, granting their passengers access to an expansive network of over 1,300 destinations in more than 195 countries. This strategic alliance has allowed Air India to provide seamless, more comfortable travel experiences with simplified transfer processes, frequent flyer benefits, and access to over 1,000 airport lounges worldwide.

Furthermore, Air India has multiple codeshare agreements with various international airlines, bolstering its global connectivity. These codeshare agreements enable the airline to sell seats on flights operated by its partner airlines, under its own name. Such agreements are in place with airlines such as Air Canada, Lufthansa, Swiss International Air Lines, and United Airlines, among others, which are also part of the Star Alliance. This facilitates a better integrated network, enhancing travel convenience for passengers.

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Outside the realm of airline alliances, Air India maintains various partnerships of note. These include agreements with companies like Amadeus, a global distribution system provider, enhancing the booking experience for customers. There are also partnerships with corporations like Air Mauritius, enabling seamless connections to various exotic destinations in the Indian Ocean region.

Air India's alliances and partnerships have significantly contributed to its global reach and service offerings. The network and seamless travel experience enabled by the Star Alliance, the numerous codeshare agreements, and various other partnerships collectively enhance the value proposition for Air India's customers, making it a globally competitive airline.

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