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Austrian Airlines Memberships & Partners

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Austrian Airlines Partnerships & Alliances

Austrian Airlines, recognized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) with the code OS, is a prominent member of the Star Alliance, the world's largest airline alliance. The carrier joined the alliance on March 26, 2000, strengthening its international connectivity and broadening its network by aligning with other reputable airlines around the globe.

As a Star Alliance member, Austrian Airlines collaborates with over 26 other airline partners, offering customers a seamless travel experience across 195 countries. The membership has resulted in a multitude of codeshare agreements, which essentially allow Austrian Airlines to market flights operated by other airlines as if they were their own. These agreements expand the range of destinations available to passengers and often provide benefits such as shared frequent flyer programs and access to partner airline lounges.

A notable codeshare partner of Austrian Airlines is Lufthansa, the leading airline in Germany and a fellow Star Alliance member. The partnership with Lufthansa allows Austrian Airlines to broaden its service into major German cities and many other destinations around the world. The airline also has a significant codeshare agreement with Swiss International Air Lines, which further enhances the geographical reach of its services.

Apart from codeshares and its alliance membership, Austrian Airlines has established several other notable partnerships. One such alliance is with Deutsche Bahn, Germany's national railway company. This partnership, known as AIRail, offers passengers a combined flight and rail service, increasing travel flexibility while reducing the environmental impact of travel.

Another unique partnership is with Vienna International Airport. Through this cooperation, Austrian Airlines has been able to establish Vienna as its primary hub, providing passengers with a wide array of services and connections. The close relationship with the airport authority allows the airline to offer a seamless and efficient travel experience to its customers.


Austrian Airlines leverages its strategic alliances and partnerships to enhance its international reach, improve customer experience, and increase its operational efficiency. These collaborations are a testament to the airline's commitment to delivering high-quality service and fostering global connectivity.

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