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China Eastern Airlines Partnerships & Alliances

China Eastern Airlines, denoted by its IATA Code MU, is a major part of the international airline landscape and plays a key role in the SkyTeam Alliance. The Shanghai-based airline joined the SkyTeam Alliance on 21 June 2011, alongside its subsidiary Shanghai Airlines, increasing the reach of the alliance within the Asia-Pacific region.

Through its membership with the SkyTeam Alliance, China Eastern Airlines extends its connectivity and service offerings to its passengers. This alliance, consisting of 19 airlines from around the globe, provides customers with a seamless travel experience and a vast network covering over 1,000 destinations. Benefits for China Eastern's passengers include accruing and redeeming miles on all SkyTeam flights, access to numerous SkyTeam lounges worldwide, and enhanced connection services at hub airports.

Beyond its alliance membership, China Eastern Airlines has built numerous strategic partnerships through codeshare agreements. These agreements enhance the airline's global network, providing passengers with greater convenience and a wider array of destinations. China Eastern Airlines maintains codeshare agreements with various airlines, such as Qantas, Japan Airlines, and Delta Air Lines, allowing for smoother travel experiences to countries like Australia, Japan, and the United States.

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One of China Eastern's significant partnerships is a joint venture with Air France-KLM and Delta Air Lines. This joint venture, which took effect in 2018, provides coordinated operations on trans-Pacific routes, offering customers more convenient scheduling options and services. This cooperation has extended their reach in the global market, particularly between China and North America.

Furthermore, China Eastern Airlines also engages in several strategic partnerships with corporations beyond the aviation industry. For example, in a pioneering move, it partnered with e-commerce giant Alibaba and its logistics arm, Cainiao, to enhance its cargo and logistics operations. This partnership is poised to boost China Eastern's capabilities in air cargo, tapping into the burgeoning e-commerce market and advancing its digital transformation.

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