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Ethiopian Airlines Partnerships & Alliances

Ethiopian Airlines, with the IATA code ET, is a prestigious member of the Star Alliance, a globally recognized alliance of airlines committed to providing seamless and comfortable travel for passengers around the world. The airline joined the Star Alliance in December 2011, marking a significant milestone in its history and elevating it to a new level of international cooperation and service standards.

As a member of the Star Alliance, Ethiopian Airlines has been able to greatly expand its reach and connectivity. Through the alliance, the airline has forged valuable partnerships with leading global airlines, allowing it to serve hundreds of additional destinations. Passengers can enjoy benefits such as smooth transfers, shared frequent flyer programs, access to lounges, and a more extensive flight schedule.

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Beyond the Star Alliance, Ethiopian Airlines has also established a multitude of codeshare agreements with other airlines. Codeshare partnerships involve airlines sharing the same flight, enabling customers to travel across the networks of all the partner airlines involved with a single ticket. Ethiopian Airlines' significant codeshare partners include Air Canada, Air China, Air India, All Nippon Airways, Asiana Airlines, and Turkish Airlines, among others.

Apart from these major alliances and codeshare partnerships, Ethiopian Airlines has formed strategic joint ventures and partnerships with multiple air carriers and corporations. These partnerships have been instrumental in strengthening its operations and extending its reach. For instance, it has entered a strategic joint venture with ASKY Airlines. This partnership has enabled Ethiopian Airlines to strengthen its West Africa network and ensure more seamless service for passengers traveling within the region.

Through these diverse partnerships and alliances, Ethiopian Airlines continues to enhance its network and improve its service, ensuring that it can deliver the most convenient and comfortable travel experience for its customers. The airline remains committed to strengthening these relationships and exploring new opportunities for partnership in the future.

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