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Finnair Pet Restrictions & Fees

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Finnair Pet Policy

Finnair is a pet-friendly airline that allows passengers to travel with their small pets in the cabin on select flights. However, it is important to note that Finnair requires pet approval before travel, so passengers must contact the Customer Service Team at 877-757-7143 and inform them about their pet travel plans. It is also necessary to provide the dimensions of the pet transportation container and the total weight of the pet and the container.

Passengers traveling with cats, dogs, rabbits, and rodents are allowed to bring their pets into the cabin, as long as they meet certain requirements. The combined weight of the pet and carrier must not exceed 17 lbs (8 kg). Finnair recommends using a soft carrier for dogs, cats, and rabbits, as the pets will be stowed underneath the seat for the entire flight. It is important to keep in mind that pets must remain inside the carrier throughout the journey. Passengers traveling in business class are not permitted to bring pets due to the reclining seats. The fees for transporting a pet in the cabin vary depending on the destination, with a charge of 50 EUR for short haul flights and 90 EUR for long haul flights.

If the pet does not meet the requirements for cabin travel, it can be transported as checked baggage in the hold. Pets weighing over 88 lbs (40 kg) must be placed in a sturdy transportation box in the hold. The fees for transporting pets as checked baggage also vary depending on the destination, with charges of 90 EUR for short haul flights and 300 EUR for long haul flights.

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In cases where the total weight of the pet and carrier exceeds 110 lbs (50 kg), the pet must be shipped as cargo. Finnair Cargo provides safe and efficient animal transport services to most direct Finnair destinations. Passengers can contact Finnair Cargo's contact center in Finland at (+358) 9-818-501 for more information about the conditions and requirements for shipping pets as cargo.

When it comes to the allowed weights and dimensions for pet carriers, soft pet carriers in the cabin can have similar dimensions to regular carry-on baggage. The maximum dimensions for a soft carrier should be 21" x 15" x 8" (55 cm x 40 cm x 20 cm). However, rodents must always be transported in a hard case, with maximum dimensions of 14" x 12" x 8" (35 cm x 30 cm x 20 cm). The carrier should be flexible enough to fit under the seat in front of the passenger, and the pet should be able to stand up and lie down comfortably inside. For pets traveling in the hold, carriers must comply with IATA standards and allow the animal to stand, turn, and lie down naturally. Carriers can be made of materials such as fiberglass, metal, rigid plastics, weld metal mesh, solid wood, or plywood. The specific requirements for carriers in the hold depend on the type and size of the animal being transported. Passengers can contact the Customer Service Team at 877-757-7143 to obtain more detailed information about carrier requirements.

Keep in mind that air carriers can change these policies at any time, so it is always advisable to check directly with Finnair before booking for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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