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Japan Airlines: Aircraft Fleet

Japan Airlines, also known as JAL, is one of the leading airlines in Japan. The airline operates a modern fleet of aircraft that includes both narrow-body and wide-body planes. JAL has a total of 168 aircraft in its fleet.

The majority of JAL's fleet consists of Boeing aircraft. The airline has 132 Boeing planes, including 787 Dreamliners, 777s, and 737s. JAL also has 36 Airbus planes, including A350s and A300s. The airline has a mix of both new and older aircraft in its fleet.

In recent years, JAL has made significant deals regarding its aircraft fleet. In 2013, the airline placed an order for 31 Airbus A350s, which are more fuel-efficient and have a longer range than the older planes in JAL's fleet. The airline also has plans to retire its older Boeing 777s and replace them with newer 777X planes in the coming years.

JAL's aircraft fleet is modern and efficient, with a mix of both Boeing and Airbus planes. The airline's commitment to upgrading its fleet ensures that passengers can enjoy a comfortable and safe flying experience.

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