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Qatar Airways Memberships & Partners

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Qatar Airways Partnerships & Alliances

Qatar Airways, known by the IATA code QR, is a member of the oneworld Alliance, one of the three major global airline alliances. Qatar Airways joined this prestigious group on October 30, 2013, becoming the first major Gulf carrier to have signed with one of the international airline alliances. The oneworld Alliance offers an expanded network to Qatar Airways, allowing its passengers access to a wide variety of destinations and benefits, such as a more seamless travel experience and better flight connectivity.

Being part of the oneworld Alliance, Qatar Airways has extensive codeshare agreements with several partner airlines within the alliance. These include, but are not limited to, airlines such as American Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, and Japan Airlines. The codeshare agreements permit passengers to book flights on any of the partner airlines using one ticket, which simplifies the travel process and provides additional flight options and routes. Qatar Airways continues to grow its global network through these agreements, expanding its reach to more destinations worldwide.

Furthermore, Qatar Airways has notable partnerships outside the oneworld Alliance. It has entered into codeshare agreements with airlines such as Air Italy, GOL Linhas Aereas, and Royal Air Maroc, which are not part of the oneworld Alliance. These partnerships further expand Qatar Airways' global network and facilitate more travel options for its customers.

Qatar Airways has also embarked on joint ventures, significantly with International Airlines Group (IAG), which includes British Airways and Iberia. In 2016, the airline announced the purchase of 9.99% of IAG, a strategic move which enhanced their existing commercial relationship. This investment has since increased, further strengthening their partnership.

In addition to airline partnerships, Qatar Airways has established corporate partnerships with multiple entities. For instance, the airline is the official sponsor and the official airline of FIFA, reflecting the airline's dedication to sports sponsorship, while showcasing its significant global brand presence.

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