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Spring Airlines History

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Spring Airlines History

Spring Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Shanghai, China. It was established in 2004 and has since become one of the largest and most successful low-cost carriers in the country.

The airline was founded by Wang Zhenghua, a former executive at China Eastern Airlines. With a vision to make air travel more accessible to the masses, Wang set out to create an airline that would offer affordable fares without compromising on safety and quality.

Spring Airlines made its inaugural flight on July 18, 2005, with a route from Shanghai to Yantai. The airline initially operated a fleet of Boeing 737-700 aircraft and focused on serving domestic destinations within China.

As the demand for low-cost air travel grew, Spring Airlines expanded its route network and fleet. The airline introduced more Boeing 737 aircraft, including the larger 737-800, and started flying to international destinations in Asia.

One of the key factors that contributed to Spring Airlines' success was its innovative business model. The airline adopted a no-frills approach, offering passengers the option to pay for additional services such as checked baggage and in-flight meals. This allowed Spring Airlines to keep its base fares low while generating additional revenue from ancillary services.

Over the years, Spring Airlines has received numerous accolades for its performance and customer satisfaction. It has been recognized as the Best Low-Cost Carrier in China by Skytrax and has consistently ranked among the top airlines in terms of on-time performance.

Today, Spring Airlines operates a fleet of modern Airbus A320 aircraft and serves over 100 destinations in China and abroad. The airline continues to expand its route network and improve its services to meet the growing demand for affordable air travel.

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