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Tianjin Airlines: Aircraft Fleet

Tianjin Airlines is a Chinese airline that operates both domestic and international flights. The airline has a fleet of 97 aircraft, which includes both narrow-body and wide-body planes.

The majority of Tianjin Airlines' fleet consists of Airbus planes. The airline has 63 Airbus aircraft, which includes A320, A321, and A330 models. The A320 and A321 planes are used for domestic and regional flights, while the A330 planes are used for long-haul international flights.

In addition to Airbus planes, Tianjin Airlines also operates 34 Embraer E190 planes. These planes are used for short-haul flights and have a seating capacity of around 100 passengers.

Recently, Tianjin Airlines made a significant deal with Airbus to purchase 20 A320neo planes. The A320neo is a more fuel-efficient version of the A320 and is expected to help the airline reduce its operating costs.

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