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Viva Aerobus: Aircraft Fleet

Viva Aerobus is a low-cost airline based in Mexico that operates a fleet of modern aircraft to provide safe and comfortable flights to its passengers. The airline has a total of 43 aircraft in its fleet, which consists of Airbus A320 and A321neo models.

The Airbus A320 is a narrow-body aircraft that can accommodate up to 186 passengers. Viva Aerobus has a total of 36 A320s in its fleet, which makes it the backbone of the airline's operations. The A320 is known for its fuel efficiency and reliability, which makes it a popular choice for low-cost carriers like Viva Aerobus.

The Airbus A321neo is a larger version of the A320, with a capacity of up to 240 passengers. Viva Aerobus has 7 A321neo aircraft in its fleet, which are used for longer routes and to serve high-demand destinations. The A321neo is equipped with the latest technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, making it an eco-friendly option for airlines.

In 2018, Viva Aerobus signed a deal with Airbus to purchase 25 A321neo aircraft, which will be delivered to the airline between 2021 and 2026. This deal will allow Viva Aerobus to expand its operations and offer more flights to its customers.

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Viva Aerobus has a modern and efficient aircraft fleet that allows it to provide affordable air travel to its passengers. Need to track your flight? Get Viva Aerobus real-time flight status here.

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