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Volaris Airlines Guide

This comprehensive guide offers a deep dive into Volaris Airlines, a leading Mexican low-cost airline. You'll discover its history, operations, partnerships, and the customer-centric approach that sets it apart. From flight tracking and baggage rules to pet policies and customer service, we've got it all covered for you. For more information about other major passenger airlines, check out the Airline Guide on iFly.com.

Company Information

Established in 2005, Volaris Airlines boasts a fleet of over 80 aircraft serving more than 80 destinations across Mexico, the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. The airline carries over 22 million passengers annually. For a more detailed look into the company's operations, visit the company details.

Flight Status & Tracking

Stay updated with your Volaris Airlines flight status through their website, mobile app, or airport FID screens. This airline also offers real-time flight tracking using GPS, radar, and satellite communication.

Check Volaris Flight Status to get current departure, arrival, or delay status of any flight, including flight tracker on a map.

Airport & Airline Tips and Resources

Check here to get details on airports that Volaris Airlines operates from, such as terminals used, baggage claim, check-in, and more.

If you need to see all of the Y4 flights departures (or arrivals) for a specific airport, use the Flight Status widget on this page, select your airport, and you’ll be presented with a list of flights and their full details.

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Aircraft Fleet

Explore the modern and environmentally-friendly fleet of Airbus models that serve as the backbone of Volaris' operations. The airline is committed to expanding its capacity and network of destinations. It also collaborates with Frontier Airlines to offer more flight options. Learn more about their fleet here.

Partners & Alliances

Although not part of any major airline alliance, Volaris has formed partnerships and codeshare agreements with carriers like Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines. These alliances allow Volaris to offer its passengers access to a wider network of destinations. Learn more about these partnerships here.

Gateway Hubs

Volaris Airlines utilizes a strategic hub system to streamline operations and provide efficient connections for passengers. With its main base of operations in Mexico City, the airline leverages state-of-the-art facilities to offer a seamless travel experience. Other key hub airports across Mexico include Guadalajara International Airport, Cancun International Airport, and Tijuana International Airport. These hubs enable Volaris to offer a wider range of destinations and increase the frequency of flights to popular routes. Discover more about this efficient system at the gateway hubs.

Flights & Destinations

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Baggage Help

Planning a trip with Volaris Airlines? Ensure a smooth journey by familiarizing yourself with the airline's baggage rules, limits, and fees. Whether you're a frequent flier or a first-time traveler, traveling domestically or internationally, or carrying special items, understanding these rules is crucial. From carry-on bags to checked baggage, and even extra, oversized or special items, get all the necessary baggage info to avoid any surprises or additional fees at the airport.


Volaris aims to make traveling with pets easier with their comprehensive pet policy. Whether you have a small pet that can accompany you in the cabin, or a larger one that needs to travel as checked baggage, Volaris offers options to accommodate your needs. For more detailed information on the pet policy, visit here.

Airline Evolution

Since its inception in 2004, Volaris has expanded its route network, covering major cities in Mexico, the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. With a modern fleet of Airbus A320 and A321neo aircraft, the airline continues to prioritize customer value. Learn more about the evolution of Volaris by exploring its detailed airline history.

Quick Facts About Volaris Airlines

  • Volaris Airlines is a low-cost airline based in Mexico.
  • It was founded in 2004 and commenced operations in 2005.
  • Volaris operates more than 189 flights daily to various destinations in Mexico, United States, Guatemala, Costa Rica, El Salvador and Puerto Rico.
  • It is the second largest airline in Mexico, after Aeroméxico.
  • Volaris Airlines offers a membership program called "VClub" that provides discounts and special offers.
  • The airline's main hubs are located in Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Tijuana.
  • Volaris Airlines is known for its modern fleet, primarily consisting of Airbus A320 family aircraft.
  • The airline allows one personal item for free. Additional baggage will be subject to fees.
  • Volaris provides in-flight entertainment via individual screens on some aircraft or streaming on personal devices.
  • The airline's frequent flyer program is called "Volaris INVEX Card".

Customer Service

Choose Volaris for top-notch customer service and support throughout your journey. From flight information and reservations to handling lost or damaged luggage, and even a helpful frequent flyer program, Volaris has it all. For more information, including contact details, click here.

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