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Vueling Airlines: Aircraft Fleet

Vueling Airlines is a Spanish low-cost airline that operates a fleet of Airbus aircraft. The airline has a total of 132 aircraft in its fleet, with an average age of 7.3 years.

The majority of Vueling's fleet consists of Airbus A320-200 and A320neo aircraft, with 114 in service. The airline also operates 18 Airbus A321-200 aircraft, which are used on longer routes. The A320neo is a more fuel-efficient version of the A320, which helps Vueling to reduce its operating costs.

In addition to its own fleet, Vueling has also made significant deals with other airlines to expand its operations. In 2018, the airline signed an agreement with IAG (International Airlines Group) to lease four Airbus A321neo aircraft from Aer Lingus. This deal allowed Vueling to expand its operations in France and Italy.

Vueling has also been working to modernize its fleet by phasing out older aircraft. In 2020, the airline retired its last Boeing 717-200 aircraft, which had been in service since 2004. This move allowed Vueling to simplify its fleet and reduce maintenance costs.

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Vueling Airlines operates a modern fleet of Airbus aircraft, with a focus on fuel efficiency and cost savings. The airline's partnerships with other carriers have allowed it to expand its operations and offer more destinations to its customers. Check out the Vueling Airlines Guide to get more details including flights, destinations, aircraft fleet, and more.

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