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Grand Canyon National Park Airport GCN - located in orthern Arizona and served by Highwway 64 - is owned & operated by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT), and is Arizona's third-busiest airport. 

The Airport is located in the small Tusayan community in the unincorporated County of Coconino -  2 miles from the Park entrance, or seven miles from the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. 
Grand Canyon Airlines owns & operates the passenger terminal & museum, maintenance hangar & fuel farm facility.  Its site offers detailed driving time & directions from seven areas to the Airport - open: or call 702-638-3200.

NOTE: While Houston, Las Vegas & Tuscon Airports would be the closest Airports - currently there are no commercial flights directly to The Grand Canyons.  Presently the Airport  primarily used for air taxis, scenic tours & charter flights by small aircraft & helicopters. The yearly passenger count (enplanement & deplanement) is about 0.3M.

While the terminal is old and plans for a new terminal have been scraped due to lenghty requirements for environmental assessment - it was decided to give the old terminal a 'minor upgrade' instead. (The cabin-style terminal has a bronze eagle outside.)

For more more information, please call the Airport Management at 928.638.2446.


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