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Accra Kotoka International Airport ACC - mostly referred to as KIA -  is Ghana's primary airport, serving its capital city Accra and surrounding areas. The airport is only  one of a few airportts in the whole of Africa to have the FAA accreditation to fly directly to the United States, and is operated by Ghana Airports Co.Ltd. (GACL), with their offices inside the Airport.

KIA (Kokota International Airport) is located 10 km/ 6 miles north of the city center of Accra, the capital of Ghana, which is situated on the Gold Coast of central-west Africa. If you drive from the city center, head north along Independence Avenue and Liberation Road -follow signs to the Airport. 

With a very long runway and 2.2 million passengers in 2015, KIA is served by domestic & international airlines offering direct & connecting flights to all points of the globe. Delta currently flies directly to the U.S (JFK Airport).  Direct  US flights are currently only available from the East Coast's New York's JFK Airport & from Virginia's Washington Dulles Airport. 

 - It is advisable (a) to arrive two hours prior to scheduled departure; (b) to obtain the required seat reconfirmation stamped on the ticket; and (c) to provide for sufficient funds to cover food and lodging in case of a needed overnight stay.
 - Foreign passengers need a valid Visa, hotel booking, or 2 valid addresses in Ghana, along with Yellow Fever & Hepatitis A& B shots - also recommended are Malaria protection & travel insurance (for possible medical emergencies).
 - International transfer passengers arriving late evening at Accra are now able to catch a connecting flight to Kumasi on an Embraer carrier seating up to 50 passengers wich departi up to 10pm from Accra - however, currently passengers will first need to claim bags on arrival and re-check them in again (the Airport Authority is currently working on a better solution).
 - Kikota Airport has now 10 new bordr control e-Gates. 
 - VISA:  A new border control and visa management system has been installed in April 2017, which will systematically verify travel documents and capter passenger information. It is to remain property of the Bhana immigraton service and will be srictly confidential.  

The Golden Tulip Hotel, a four-star hotel and only 10 minutes from Kotoka Airport, offers free shuttle service.

Kotoka International presently has two passenger terminals  - T1 & T2:  T1 is used mainly for domestic & regional flights; while T2 is intended for international & long-haul flights.  (T3 is under construction - see below)  An internal walkway connects both terminals. An Information desk and a Ghana Tourist information counter are in the main arrivals area.

    Terminal 2 - the international departures terminal, was considerably expanded- offering passengers relief from congestion and long queues at the Arrivals hall. It added new baggage handling equipment, immigration booths, new air conditioning system and other electrical, mechanical & plumbing works. T2 also offers self-check-in kiosks .  WiFi access via WLAN is available at  'hotspot' areas are located in the departure lounge & the transit areas (purchase your service voucher at Dufry shop or Mutinna and La Tante).
  T2 houses restaurants, duty-free shops, a business center, and two Business-Class lounges.  Other services & amenities include information counters in the arrival hall, a post office, foreign exchange service, a few ATM machines, food & drink, as well as retail concessions, duty-free shops (in T2 only), porter services, electronic check-in kiosks, Wi-Fi access, and rental car counters. 
First- and business-class travelers are provided with a priority route or fast track services through Immigration.  They also have use of VIP & Business-class lounge. 
 - Rental car counters have booths outside of the arrivals hall.  Taxis to city center are located at carpark 2, close to Arrivals exit.
 - Taxis to either Nkrumah Circle or Osu cost 33, make sure you ask for price before getting in. Getting into town takes between 25 and 55 minutes. 
 - Parking for short- and long-term parking is available in carparks 1 & 2.

Current and future Airport developments:  Ongoing construction on new Terminal 3 is to result into handling 5M passengers per year, processing 1,250 passengers per hour, have six airbridges, common-use check-in desks, 10 e-gates (self-service check-in kiosks,) 3 business lounges, the newest baggage management technology, new transit facilitites. T3 is intended to serve wide-bodied carriers. The Arrivals Hall was expanded by 5148 sq.meters.  Completion of T3 is scheduled for year-end 2017. Upon opening passengers will find a new Border Control and Visa management system. 

Accra, Gold Coast,
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: +233 (0) 2550612 / 302550612

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