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Hotels Near Kuopio Airport

Traveling to Kuopio and in need of a comfortable and convenient place to stay near the airport? We have compiled a list of the top hotels near Kuopio Airport (KUO) to suit a range of preferences and budgets. From spa hotels and hostels nestled in the heart of Finland's Lake District, to city center apartments and serene lakeside retreats, there is something for every traveler. Whether you're looking for a place to unwind after a long flight, maintain your fitness routine, or explore local attractions, these hotels offer a mix of comfort, convenience, and local charm.

Each hotel listed is within a short distance from Kuopio Airport and offers a range of amenities to ensure a pleasant stay. From complimentary parking and Wi-Fi access to state-of-the-art gym facilities and discounted rates at nearby spas, these hotels cater to the needs of modern travelers. So, whether you're visiting Kuopio for business or leisure, you can find a hotel near the airport that suits your needs perfectly.

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Tips, Help & Resources

As your guide to Kuopio Airport, iFly.com helps you navigate between the world's airports. Here are some tips on KUO you might want to consider:

  • If you need to spend a night near the airport, you might also have time to explore the area a bit. We have some ideas and suggestions for a short or longer layover specific to KUO airport here.
  • If you need a quick way to get to a local destination from the airport, check out your public transportation options, which include buses, trains, taxis, shuttles, and shared rides.
  • A cheaper alternative to parking within the airport facility is to use an off-airport parking lot. These private lots offer lower costs, but are usually a bit further away from the terminals (but with free shuttles!). Check availability and reserve a discount parking spot near Kuopio’s terminals. Many local hotels also provide parking, or combine parking with an overnight stay, and these are included in the parking provider and reservation page.

Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka

Situated in the heart of Finland's Lake District, just 6.1 kilometers from Kuopio's bustling city center, the Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka provides an ideal lodging option for air travelers. The hotel is easily accessible from the the airport and offers complimentary parking facilities. In addition to this, guests can enjoy free access to the hotel's state-of-the-art gym and relaxing pool, making it a perfect choice for both fitness enthusiasts and those looking to unwind after a long flight.

Spa Hostel Kunnonpaikka

Located in the picturesque Finnish Lake District, the Spa Hostel Kunnonpaikka offers a serene and relaxing stay just 6.1 kilometers away from the heart of Kuopio. This hostel is conveniently located for travelers using the the airport, being a mere 3.8 miles away. Guests can enjoy complimentary parking, as well as free access to the hotel's pool and gym facilities, making it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain their fitness routine while traveling.

City centre apartment Siilinjärvi

The City Centre Apartment Siilinjärvi, nestled in the heart of Siilinjärvi, offers a comfortable stay just a short 9.9 kilometers (6.2 miles) journey from the airport. This accommodation, renowned for its convenient location, is situated a mere 1.8 miles from the popular TarinaGolf, and a short 14-mile drive to the historic Kuopio Cathedral. Art enthusiasts will appreciate its proximity to the Kuopio Art Museum, located just 15 miles away. The apartment boasts a private balcony and complimentary amenities, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant stay for air travelers.

Hotelli Sandels

Situated in the heart of Siilinjärvi, the Hotelli Sandels provides guests with complimentary Wi-Fi and parking facilities. Each room is equipped with a flat-screen TV for entertainment. The hotel is conveniently located just 10.3 kilometers (6.4 miles) from the airport, making it an ideal option for air travelers. Additionally, guests can avail discounted rates at the nearby Spa Fontanella, which is merely 492 feet away, for some relaxation and rejuvenation after their journey.

Sandels Mökit & Talot

Situated in the heart of Siilinjärvi, Sandels Mökit & Talot provides comfortable accommodation options with the added bonus of complimentary parking. Each villa is equipped with a private terrace and a kitchen that comes with all the necessary amenities. A notable feature of this hotel is its proximity to Spa Fontanella, which is just 492 feet away, where guests can avail discounted rates. The hotel's location is particularly convenient for air travelers as it is only 10.3 kilometers (6.4 miles) from the airport.

Finlandia Hotel Isovalkeinen

Situated serenely on the banks of Lake Iso-Valkeinen, the Finlandia Hotel Isovalkeinen is a mere 10.5 kilometers (6.5 miles) from the the airport in Kuopio. This tranquil hotel not only offers a unique lakeside sauna experience but also ensures convenient parking facilities adjacent to every room. Ideal for air travelers seeking a peaceful sojourn close to the airport, this hotel provides an idyllic retreat amidst nature.

Bright star apartament Siilinjärvi

Situated in the charming town of Siilinjärvi, the Bright Star Apartment is just 6.6 kilometers (4.1 miles) from the airport. This convenient location is also a mere 15 miles away from both the Kuopio Cathedral and the Kuopio Art Museum, making it an ideal choice for travelers interested in exploring local culture and art.

Villa Prud

Situated in the lush, residential area of Kuopio, Villa Prud is a three-bedroom property located just a stone's throw away from the serene Pieni-Valkeinen and Iso-Valkeinen Lakes. A mere 6.8 kilometers (4.2 miles) from the airport, this villa is an ideal choice for air travelers seeking comfort and convenience. The villa boasts a fully equipped kitchen for guests who prefer home-cooked meals, a sauna for relaxation, and complimentary Wi-Fi for those who wish to stay connected.

Poukamankatu 14 As, 1

Situated in the vibrant city of Kuopio, the Poukamankatu 14 As, 1 provides a comfortable stay for travelers. This hotel is conveniently located just 12.1 kilometers (7.5 miles) away from the airport, making it an ideal choice for air travelers. The hotel is also in close proximity to local attractions, being only 2.4 miles from the Kuopio Art Museum and 2.5 miles from the Kuopio Museum. This makes it a great option for those keen on exploring the local art and culture.

Kaatrahovi two rooms Apartment Inkilänmäki

Situated in the Eastern Finland region of Kuopio, the Kaatrahovi two rooms Apartment Inkilänmäki offers a comfortable stay with a scenic balcony view. This property is conveniently located just 7.4 kilometers (4.6 miles) from the the airport, making it an ideal choice for air travelers. Additionally, it is a short 1.9 miles distance from the historic Kuopio Cathedral. Guests can enjoy the benefit of complimentary Wifi access across the property.

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