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Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport AUA - or 'Aeropuerto Internactional Reina Beatrix' - is located on the beautiful Caribbean Island of Aruba, and named after its former reigning queen. 
With 1.3M passengers in 2016, Queen Beatrix Airport is served by many international airlines offering direct and connecting flights to all points of the globe, and by seasonal charters.

 - Instead of using either a passport or boarding pass, passengers proceed through all airport control points with their identities checked by looking at facial recognition cameras.
  - U.S.-bound passengers may now take advantage of the new APC kiosks (automated passport control) for speedier customs control - available to U.S. passport & green-card holders, to Canadian passport holders, and to passengers from a visa-waiver country.   
  - Preclearance automats are also available to travelers between Aruba & The Netherlands

The terminal complex - with separate buildings arranged under one roof - offers  food & drink and retail concessions, duty-free, & lost & found.  WiFy access is free.
    The ground level is for both check-in & arrivals. It  houses check-in facilities for US bound and non-US bound passengers, and a walkway to the concession area.  The immigration arrivals area has recently been renovated. It now offers a new terrazzo floor, transition ramp to baggage claim, new inspection booths, e-organized e-gates and local at. This level also has F&B Vending machines and telephone card machines. After passing the security checkpoint, escalators take you up to the first level.
   The first level is the departure level. It houses a meditation room, F&B vending machine, gift & magazine shop, A VIP lounge for non-US bound passengers, and an American Airlines VIP lounge at gates 2 & 7, and has access to the gate area with gates 1 - 8.  A Meditation room is at gate 2.
- ATM cash machines: CMB bank ATM machine is near the non-US check-in area, and RBC ATMs are in the Main Concession area. A drive-through ATM machine of RBC is is outside of the Non-US check-in area.
- For passenger pickup/ dropoff,
you may use the loading zone in front of the terminal for quick discharge of  passenger & luggage.
- The Parking lot is within walking distance of the terminal complex. Fees must be paid in Aruban Florins.
- Rental Car agencies are located in the small buildings across from the arrivals terminal - clearly marked.

Wayaca z/n
Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean,
Phone: (297) 524 2424 /fax 583 4229

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Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Airport Overview Map
Oranjestad, Aruba, Dutch Caribbean Airport Overview Map

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