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Split Airport (SPU) Guide

Welcome to Split Airport, the gateway to the beautiful country of Croatia. With its stunning location on the Adriatic coast and easy access to popular destinations like Dubrovnik and Hvar, SPU is a popular choice for travelers from all over the world. Whether you're arriving or departing, our guide is here to help you navigate the airport with ease.

If you're flying in or out of SPU Airport, our extensive guide has got you covered. From flight status and tracking to airline departure terminals and gate locations, we've got all the information you need to get from your door to your gate. Plus, we've included helpful tips on parking options, terminal maps, and food and shopping directories, so you can make the most of your time at the airport. Let us help you make your journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Helpful Tips

When to Arrive

When traveling through the airport, it is recommended that passengers arrive at least 2 hours prior to their scheduled departure time for domestic flights and 3 hours prior for international flights. The busiest times at the airport are during the summer months, so it is best to plan accordingly and arrive even earlier during this time to avoid long lines and potential delays.

Getting to the Airport

Split Airport is located approximately 25 km from the city center of Split. The best way to get to the airport is by taxi or private car, which can be arranged through your hotel or a local transportation service. Alternatively, there is a bus service that operates between the airport and the city center, with several stops along the way. The bus runs every 20-30 minutes and takes approximately 30 minutes to reach the airport.

Getting Oriented

Upon arrival at Split Airport, passengers can get oriented by using's interactive airport maps. These maps provide a detailed layout of the airport, including the location of gates, restaurants, shops, and other amenities. The maps can be accessed on any device with an internet connection, making it easy to navigate the airport and find your way around.

Avoiding Delays

To avoid delays at SPU, it is important to arrive early and be prepared for security checks. Make sure to have all necessary documents and identification readily available, and be aware of any restrictions on liquids and other items in your carry-on luggage. Additionally, it is recommended to check the status of your flight before arriving at the airport to ensure that there are no unexpected delays or cancellations.

Navigating SPU's Terminals

SPU Airport has one main terminal building with two floors and three sections: Domestic, International, and Schengen. The airport has a total of 29 gates, with 18 located on the ground floor and 11 on the first floor.

Major airlines such as Croatia Airlines, EasyJet, and Ryanair operate from the International section of the terminal. The Domestic section is used by airlines such as Trade Air and European Coastal Airlines. The Schengen section is used for flights within the Schengen Area.

Passengers can easily navigate the terminal using the airport's signage and information screens located throughout the building. There are also helpful airport staff available to assist passengers with any questions or concerns.

Use our interactive airport map to locate food, services, and airline departure gates.

Connecting Between Terminals

The airport has one main terminal building that serves both domestic and international flights. The terminal is divided into two levels, with arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the upper level. There is no need to transfer between terminals as all gates are located within the same building.

If you need to walk between different areas of the terminal, it should take no more than 10-15 minutes depending on your walking speed. There are also moving walkways to help you get around more quickly. If you have mobility issues, there are wheelchairs available upon request.

Dining, Shopping & Enjoying the Airport

Split Airport offers a variety of dining and shopping options for travelers. If you're looking for a quick bite, there are several cafes and fast food restaurants located throughout the airport. For a more leisurely meal, head to the airport's restaurant, Bistro Spalatum, which offers a range of Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Another popular option is Caffe Bar Procaffe, which serves coffee, sandwiches, and pastries.

When it comes to shopping, Split Airport has a good selection of stores selling everything from souvenirs to duty-free items. For Croatian souvenirs and gifts, check out the Gift Shop Croatia located in the airport's main terminal. If you're in need of last-minute travel essentials, there's a Relay convenience store located near the departure gates.

For a complete list of restaurants, bars, shops, and newsstands at SPU, here's where to find everything you need.

Airport Hotels

Looking for convenience and comfort during your air travel? Discover a range of hotel options that cater to your preferences. From beach-side retreats and serene garden views to tranquil oases with stunning views, there's something for everyone. Most of these hotels are located within a short distance from the airport, providing easy access for travelers. Many offer complimentary WiFi and private parking, ensuring a hassle-free stay. Explore the picturesque locales of Kastel Stafilic and Divulje, or stay just a stone's throw away from beautiful beaches. Some accommodations even offer exclusive amenities such as private pools, scenic garden views, and patios. Ready to book your stay? Check out our list of SPU Airport Hotels now.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Passengers

At the airport in Croatia, passengers can be picked up and dropped off at the designated curbside areas outside of the terminal buildings. However, it is important to note that curbside parking is strictly prohibited and vehicles must not be left unattended. Drivers can wait in their vehicles for a maximum of 15 minutes while loading or unloading passengers and their luggage.

If drivers need to wait for longer than 15 minutes, they can use the cell-phone waiting areas located near the airport. These areas are free of charge and allow drivers to park their vehicles while waiting for their passengers to arrive. Once the passengers have arrived and collected their luggage, they can call the driver to be picked up at the curbside area.

Parking Facilities & Options

Split Airport offers various parking options for travelers, including both on-airport and off-airport parking lots and garages. The on-airport parking lots are located within walking distance of the terminal building, making it convenient for travelers to park and fly. The airport also provides cell phone waiting areas for those who are picking up passengers.

For travelers with disabilities, there are designated handicapped parking spaces available in all parking areas. These spaces are located close to the terminal building and are easily accessible for those who require special assistance.

Off-airport parking is a more economical option for travelers who are looking to save money on parking fees. These parking lots are located near the airport and offer shuttle services to and from the terminal building. Off-airport parking is a great option for those who are traveling for an extended period of time and want to save on parking fees.

Get details about Split Airport parking options and rates, along with more economical off-airport parking here.

Transportation Options

If you are traveling to SPU in Croatia, you have several ground transportation options available to you. One of the most popular options is renting a car. There are several car rental facilities located at the airport, including major providers such as Hertz, Avis, and Europcar. You can easily book your rental car online before your trip or at the airport upon arrival.

If you prefer to take a taxi, there are designated drop-off areas outside of the airport terminal. Taxis are readily available and fares are regulated by the city. Keep in mind that fares may be higher during peak travel times and there may be additional fees for luggage or tolls.

Shared ride services such as Uber and Lyft are also available at SPU Airport. Pickup areas are located outside of the terminal and there may be restrictions on the number of passengers or amount of luggage allowed. Be sure to check the specific policies of your chosen ride service before booking.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, airport shuttles are a great choice. These services typically offer door-to-door transportation to your hotel or other destination. Pickup areas are located outside of the terminal and fares vary based on your final destination.

Finally, public transportation options such as buses and trains are available from the airport. Buses run regularly to the city center and other popular destinations, while trains offer service to other parts of Croatia. Fares are typically lower than other transportation options, but travel times may be longer.

Passenger Services

Split Airport in Croatia offers a range of passenger services to ensure a comfortable and stress-free travel experience for all passengers.

For those who need to stay connected, free wifi access is available throughout the airport.

If you have lost an item during your travels, the airport's lost and found service can assist you in locating and retrieving your belongings.

Traveling with children? The airport has designated children's play areas to keep your little ones entertained before your flight.

Special-needs services are also available, including wheelchair assistance and accessible restrooms. Passengers with disabilities are encouraged to contact the airport in advance to arrange for any necessary accommodations.

For banking needs, there are ATMs and currency exchange services available in the terminal building.

In case of a medical emergency, the airport has a first aid station staffed by trained medical professionals.

Overall, Split Airport strives to provide a range of passenger services to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

Flight Status Info

As an air traveler, it's important to stay informed about the status of your flight. Fortunately, there are several ways to get flight status updates at SPU in Croatia.

One of the easiest ways to check flight status is by using the in-airport flight displays (FIDS). These displays are located throughout the airport and provide real-time information about flight departures, arrivals, delays, and gate information.

Another convenient way to receive flight updates is through the use of airline mobile phone apps. Many airlines offer apps that allow passengers to receive push notifications, text messages, or emails about departure delays, cancelations, or gate changes. Check with your airline to see if they offer this service and download their app before your flight.

Finally, passengers can check the status of their flight departure at SPU Airport by visiting the flight departures page on, which provides real-time updates on flight departures, delays, and gate information.

Airport Facts & Stats

The airport, also known as Resnik Airport, is located in Kaštela, Croatia. It is the second busiest airport in Croatia, after Zagreb Airport, and serves as a hub for Croatia Airlines.

The airport has one terminal, which handles both domestic and international flights. It is equipped with modern facilities, including duty-free shops, restaurants, and lounges.

On average, Split Airport handles around 3 million passengers per year, with an average of 8,000 passengers per day. It also operates an average of 100 daily flights.

The top airlines with the most daily flights at Split Airport are Croatia Airlines, easyJet, and Ryanair. These airlines offer flights to various destinations in Europe, including London, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Paris.

SPU serves as a gateway to the Dalmatian coast, which is a popular tourist destination in Croatia. The top 5 destinations served by the airport are London, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Paris, and Rome.

In addition to Croatia Airlines, other carriers that use SPU Airport as a hub include easyJet and Ryanair.

Airport History

The airport, located in Croatia, has a rich history dating back to the 1960s. Here are some significant events in the airport's history:

  • 1966 - The airport was officially opened for commercial use.
  • 1991 - During the Croatian War of Independence, the airport was heavily damaged and had to undergo extensive reconstruction.
  • 1995 - The airport reopened after reconstruction and saw a significant increase in passenger traffic.
  • 2005 - A new terminal was opened, increasing the airport's capacity to handle even more passengers.
  • 2017 - Split Airport welcomed its millionth passenger in a single year, marking a major milestone in the airport's history.
  • 2019 - The airport underwent further expansion with the construction of a new runway and taxiway, allowing for larger aircraft to land and take off.

Today, Split Airport is one of the busiest airports in Croatia and serves as a major hub for tourists visiting the beautiful Dalmatian Coast.

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