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Airports In Nebraska With Commercial Flights

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Commercial Airports in Nebraska

Nebraska, the Cornhusker State, is home to a number of commercial airports that provide both domestic and international flight services. These airports not only serve as gateways to Nebraska's bustling cities and charming towns but also connect travelers to destinations all around the globe. The state's two airports, Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport and Lincoln Airport, are renowned for their efficient services, state-of-the-art facilities, and strategic locations. Whether you're planning a business trip, a family vacation, or a solo adventure, these airports make air travel to and from Nebraska a hassle-free experience.

Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport

Located in the heart of Nebraska, Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport (IATA Code: OMA) is a key travel hub for the Midwest. Often referred to as Eppley Airfield, this airport serves the city of Omaha and its surrounding regions. Its central location and excellent facilities make it a popular choice for both domestic and international travelers. Whether you're visiting Omaha for business or pleasure, Eppley Airfield is your gateway to this vibrant city.

Lincoln Airport

The Lincoln Airport, also known by its IATA code LNK, is located in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. While it doesn't have a specific nickname, it is often referred to simply as "LNK" by locals and travelers alike. This airport serves as a vital gateway to the city of Lincoln, offering both domestic and international flights. Its location and convenient services make it a popular choice for travelers heading to this part of the United States.

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