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Airports In Vermont With Commercial Flights

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Commercial Airports in Vermont

For travelers seeking to explore the beautiful landscapes of Vermont, the state offers a selection of commercial airports that provide convenient access to its various regions. Whether you're visiting the bustling city of Burlington or the picturesque countryside, these airports serve as your gateway to this remarkable state. The airports are ranked based on passenger volume, with the most frequented listed first, ensuring you have all the necessary information to plan your journey effectively.

Burlington Airport

The Burlington Airport, known by its IATA code BTV, is located in the vibrant city of Burlington, Vermont. Serving as a gateway to the scenic Northeast, it's not only a hub for travelers but also a significant part of the local community. While there's no commonly used nickname for Burlington Airport, locals and frequent travelers simply refer to it by its IATA code, BTV. The airport offers a range of services and amenities, making it a comfortable stop for both domestic and international passengers.

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