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To pick up a passenger at the Airport, use the new Cell Phone Lot (off Terminal Loop Road, just outside of the parking lot exit.  Stay with your car until your party has collected bags and calls you to be picked up at the curb.

Short- & long-term parking is available in the lots across from the passenger terminal; while metered parking spaces are in front of the terminal with a one-hour maximum (50 cents for each10 mins). For more parking information call (423) 325-6167. 
    The Short-term Lot: (first 15 mins free
Fees:  first 30 mins. $1; full hr $2; add for each 30 mins thereafter $1, up to 4 hrs $8;  4.5 hrs. $9; 5-24 hrs (daily max) $14. Same rates apply for each add'l 24-hr day.
    The Long-term Lot:
Fees:  first hr $1, for each successive hour add $1; up to 7 hrs $7; 8-24 hrs (daily max) $9.  Same rate apply for each add'l day.
    The Long-trem Express Lot (credit card only):
Fees:  $9/day

Major credit cards are accepted.

For more parking information contact the Manager at 423-325-6167.

TRI Off-Airport Parking

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