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Business Services at Zurich ZRH Airport

The Priora Business Center offers meeting & conference rooms with equipment & catering option, limo service  & more.  Tel. +41 48 269 9999 /fax 9998 or visit:  bc.priora.ch.
Radisson Blu Airpot Conference Center at the Radisson Hotel at ZRH: e-mail: [email protected] or visit radissonblu.com/hotel-zurichairport.
Airport Fitness & Wellness at the Airport Center - tel. +41 43 816 5666 /fax 5660, e-mail: [email protected]
Showers are available at Airport Center, at Transfer Aea D, at Radisson Blu Hotel, & at the Swiss Business Lounges at Airside Center.
Transit Hotel & Day rooms or rest areas: The hotel on level 1, next to gates B/D, offers single, double & multi-bedrooms, eqipped with singlbeds, TV & Wash basin.    The Transit Hotel also offers a rest area with 12 partitioned reclining chairs & wool bankets, with a locker for valuables.  Showers are centrally located & included in the fee.  For showers only a charge of CF 15 applies. Tel: +41 43 816 2108.
Left Luggage Service: lockers and attended luggage counters are next to the Service Cener in carpark 2, level 1. Lockers need CF or EUR coins