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Important Information

Carry-on Baggage Rules & Fees

On-board allowance: 1 carry-on bag up to 10kg/22lb, with a linear dimensin of up to 115cm/45in (up to 55x40xw23cm or 22x16x9in incl. handles & wheels), plus personal items (hadbag, camera, ec.). For Aircraft under 100 seats linear dimensions up to 100cm (45x35x20cm) and up to 10kg.

Checked Baggage Rules & Fees

1. Different areas and Preferred Classes offer different free baggage allowances. And even if your bags are within the free baggage allowance, it may not be acceptable for small aircraft. Contact ANA prior to your flight. 2. You can check in one additional bag up to 115cm/45in for your infant under 2 years (on lap), plus a collapsible stroller or carrying basket, or car seat. Children over 2 years and infants occupying separate seats have adult baggage allowance. 3. Note that some destinations, like transatlantic flights (incl. USA, and between Japan & Brazil via London, Paris, Frankfurt or Munich) use the Piece system, while other destinations (to Europe, Asia etc) use the Weight system (by weight, rather than by dimensions). Check your ticket, which lists under "Bag" either PC (Piece system) or 20K (meaning 20 kilo under Weight system). 4. Japan domestic flights connecting to international flights: International baggage rule applies. ANA flights Q84, Q83, 320 and flights by IBEX & Oriental Air Bridge have maximum baggage length restrictions.


  • Destination Other flights, including Europe & Asia
  • Linear dimensions/weight (Weight system applies)
  • Regular size & weight fees Free baggage up to 20kg/44lb
  • Overweight fees Excess baggage fee is 1.5 percent of adult one-way economy class fare from departure point. However, on two types of normal fares (as in flights originating in Japan), the higher fares apply. The per kilo fee differs beween Japan departures and others. Fo
  • Oversized fees
  • First Class up to 40kg/88lb free; Business Class up to 30kg/66lb free First Class up to 40kg/88lb free; Business Class up to 30kg/66lb free
  • Destination Transpacific flights (including USA)
  • Linear dimensions/weight (Piece system applies) 158cm/62in and 23kg50lb
  • Regular size & weight fees First 2 bags up to 23kg/50lb each free
  • Overweight fees Each bag between 23kg/50 & l32kg/70lb: 3,000 yen. Overweight charges differ from U.S. or other Asia departures: $25 each for first 2 bags. Charges per excess weight differential is charged per ANA operating sector: a trip from Los Angeles LAX to Bangkok B
  • Oversized fees
  • First & Business Class First & Business Class

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