Jet Lag Prevention

How to Avoid Jet Lag 

Jet lag can be a burden to even the most frequent of travellers. Whilst there is little that you can do to eliminate jet lag altogether, there are a few things which you can do to lessen the effects. If you're keen to avoid the arriving at your destination feeling entirely out of sync with the time zone in which you have landed, then here are a few tips which may help. 

Even for those who feel like they have thought of everything before taking a trip, jet lag can prove to be problematic. You might have bought yourself a guidebook, stocked up on sun protection cream and booked your parking at the airport, but have you thought about how you will cope with the effect of jet lag? Not only are you likely to become over-tired, but you may feel disorientated or even unwell. This can spoil the first few days or your trip, and prove even more problematic for those who are required to travel for business. 

One method of coping with jet lag is to switch your sleeping patterns to the time zone of your destination a couple of days before your flight. This way, your body will already be in tune with the time zone to which you are flying by the time you journey. If this isn't practical, then simply changing your watch to the local time of your destination at the beginning of your flight can go some way in combating the effect of jet lag, whilst ear plugs, pillows and eye masks can all help you to sleep on the flight. In addition, you should make sure that you drink plenty of water throughout the duration of your flight, as dehydration can also be responsible for many of symptoms of jet lag.