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Airport Overview

Legally and formerly marketed as Bob Hope Airport, Hollywood Burbank Airport is a public commercial airport. It is located 3 miles (4.8 km) northwest of downtown Burbank, in Los Angeles County, California, United States.

BUR Airport is owned by the Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport Authority and controlled by the governments of those cities. It covers an area 555 acres (224 ha), and has two asphalt runways.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • In 2019, Hollywood Burbank Airport served more than 5 million passengers.
  • BUR is the nearest airport to Hollywood, Disney, downtown Los Angeles, the Movie Studios, and other famous attractions.
  • For 2017–2021, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) National Plan of Integrated Airport Systems categorized it as a medium-hub primary commercial service facility.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • To ensure a smooth check-in process, you should pack carry-on luggage in a suitable manner, have photo ID ready, and read all the airline guidelines properly prior to arriving at the airport.
  • Before visiting the airport for a flight, please have a look at Burbank Airport Map here.
  • Passengers are recommended to arrive at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • For picking up or dropping-off passengers at the terminal, remember that no waiting is allowed at the curb. If the traveler isn’t already at the curb, you can park in the Airport’s Short Term Parking.
  • Also, you can wait for passengers in the Terminal A and Terminal B Baggage Claim areas, after parking in the short-term parking.

Flight Status

  • The Arrival flight status lists the arrival times, gate information, delays, and time to land for the Burbank Airport.
  • Under Departing flight status, you can find the scheduled vs actual departure, gate information, map tracking, and flight delays.
  • To get the best fares, book a flight at BUR here.

Airport Terminals

Burbank Airport has two terminals - A and B, joined together as part of the same building.

Terminal A

This Terminal has nine gates numbered A1 to A9.

Terminal B

Terminal B has five gates numbered B1 to B5.

To see the terminal locations, and for more information, please refer to the BUR Terminal Map.

Airlines Served

Burbank Airport serves various airlines including American Eagle, Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, and more.

View the full list of airlines served at BUR Airport here.

Airport Parking

Short-Term Parking

Passengers may park in Lots E and G, and the short term parking structure.


$3 - Up to 30 minutes

$5 - Up to 1 hour

$13 - Up to 2 hours

$32 - Max. Daily Rate

Long-Term Parking

Passengers can park in any of the Airport’s self-park lots including long-term parking lots without a parking ticket by using the new ticketless parking option.

Ground Transport

From rental cars to limos to buses, and more, passengers have a variety of ground transportation options after arriving at BUR airport. Additionally, many passengers also opt for ride services such as Taxis, Uber, etc.

Rental Cars

The Hollywood Burbank Airport rental car location can be found in the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC).

Buses & Trains

Buses and Trains are an economical and convenient option to travel from BUR. Metro Bus and BurbankBus stop in the bus turn-around area on the ground level of the RITC. Metrolink trains currently serve the Burbank Airport-South Train Station, located on Empire Avenue, on the Ventura County Line, as well as the Burbank Airport-North Train Station.

Airport Shuttles

The pick-up points for the Airport parking lot shuttles, off-Airport parking shuttles, and courtesy shuttles are located on the ground transportation islands in front of the Terminal.

Amenities & Services

For visitors to have a great stay, Burbank Airport provides plenty of amenities and services including:

  • Store, gift shops, and local souvenir shops.
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Shoeshine stations, and massage bars.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet throughout the airport.
  • Multiple art installations and exhibits on display.
  • Vending machines, and banks/ATMs.

Contact Information

Address: 2627 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA 91505, USA



Phone: (818) 840 8840

Burbank Airport: A Brief History Timeline

  • From 1930-1934, the airport was named United Airport.
  • In March 1939, sixteen airline departures a day were scheduled out of Burbank.
  • In 1967, Lockheed renamed the facility Hollywood-Burbank Airport.
  • In 1970, Continental Airlines began Boeing 727-200 flights to Portland and Seattle via San Jose and also flew the short hop to Ontario.
  • From 1978-2003, The airport got its fifth name, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport.
  • On November 6, 2003, the airport authority voted to change the name to Bob Hope Airport.
  • In November 2007, it was decided that a new $8-million to $10-million baggage screening facility for Terminal B is legal.
  • On June 27, 2014, a $112 million Regional Transportation Center was opened.
  • In 2017, the airport was rebranded as Hollywood Burbank Airport.

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Traveler Help

Questions about BUR? Find answers here.
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Newest Questions

Where can I find a carry on bag that was forgotten on a plane?

Asked by Esther - Mon, 17 October

You will want to contact your airlines directly with any questions regarding lost luggage. 

Is the oversize parking - like a 12 foot high, 25 foot rv at the airport?

Asked by Franklin - Thu, 29 September

You can call the parking department at 818-840-8838 with specific questions. 

My brothers luggage is on the way to burbank airport. He unfortunately missed his flight. So he has to take another flight at a later time. Would it be ok for me to pick up his luggage?

Asked by Gabriel - Mon, 26 September

Please contact the airline he used directly to make plans for luggage pick-up. 

Where is the Avis car rental at the airport?

Asked by Andree Godbout - Wed, 14 September

All of the rental car facilities are located at the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC) at this airport and you can contact Avis directly with any questions at 1-800-331-1212.

Where are the rental car lots and offices?

Asked by Philip - Wed, 7 September

All of the rental car pick-up and drop-off services are located in the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC).

Cheapest parking for Terminal B?

Asked by KT - Sun, 21 August

Economy Lot A would be the cheapest option.

What terminal is Avelo Airlines in?

Asked by Debbie - Mon, 15 August

Averlo Airlines is located in Terminal A. 

Where is Frontier Airlines?

Asked by Peter Martin Peuron - Wed, 10 August

Frontier Airlines is located in Terminal B. 

Does BUR have an AA Admiral Club?

Asked by sam - Wed, 20 July

There is not an American Airlines Admiral Club at this airport. 

Is TSA pre open at 6 AM weekdays at Hollywood Burbank?

Asked by f gil - Sun, 17 July

We couldn't find the hours listed for the TSA precheck services, however, please note there are only 3 Airlines that participate at this airport. Those are Avelo, JetBlue, and Southwest.

What times does baggage close?

Asked by Him - Thu, 26 May

Each baggage claim is operated by the individual airline. Please contact them directly. 

Is there only one baggage claim area?

Asked by Jill - Mon, 25 April

The baggage claim area is near the ony entrances/exits located at the Terminal B section.

What terminal does Southwest Airlines use at Burbank airport?

Asked by Leah - Mon, 11 April

Southwest operates out of Terminal B at this airport. 

I lost my prescription sunglasses somewhere at the airport .

Asked by Wendy hinds - Sun, 27 March

You should call the airport Lost & Found at 818.729.2231. If you need to contact them over the weekend, please leave a message. Your call will be returned the next business day.

What terminal is Frontier Airlines?

Asked by Myla - Tue, 15 March

Frontier Airlines operates out of Terminal B at this airport. 

Are any parking coupons available? I'll be gone about 26 hours and hate paying a full two days parking. Thank you.

Asked by Janice - Tue, 15 March

Parking coupons are not available, but this airport does offer long-term parking. Find out more information here.

What terminal is Southwest located?

Asked by Roberta - Mon, 7 March

Southwest Airlines flies out of both Terminal A and Terminal B at this airport. It is best to check with your airline on which Terminal your flight is going out of. 

Where is the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities?

Asked by Audie - Wed, 2 March

The rental car location can be found in the Consolidated Rental Car Facilities of the Regional Intermodal Transportation Center (RITC). The rental car return entrance is located on Avenue B, which you can access via the Hollywood Way and Empire Avenue Airport entrances.

What time do restaurants open inside the Burbank Airport?

Asked by Ross - Sun, 27 February

Opening times vary from restaurant to restaurant. Here's more information about airport dining

Where does Advantage Air leave from?

Asked by Peter - Mon, 21 February

Advantage Air does not operate out of this airport. 

Can I walk my wife to security stations?

Asked by Ralph - Thu, 10 February

An escort or gate pass can be issued to you at the ticket counter of the Airline of the person you are escorting. Learn more about an airport gate pass

What terminal does Avelo Airlines use?

Asked by Gayle - Wed, 9 February

Avelo Airlines utilizes Terminal A in this airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport Q&A

Yes. While the official name is Hollywood Burbank Airport, it is also referred to by its IATA code BUR.
You can fly to many cities from BUR Airport. Please have a look at our direct flights page here, to see where you can fly.
To find a missing item at the airport, refer to the lost and found page here.
The airport remains open 24 hours a day and passengers are permitted to sleep inside the airport, and they can also stay inside overnight. We also recommend these awesome BUR layover ideas.