Hollywood Burbank Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking options at Hollywood Burbank Airport include Short-term Garage, Valet Parking, new covered self-parking lot G, and Economy Lots A, C, E & G (which have Express exit lanes)While Lots E & G can be reached by short walkwa from/to the terminal, the other lots need shuttle service (available every 10-15 mins). Disabled parking is available in all parking facilities.
Valet Parking:  For car retrieval, call 1-866-7277-5287 - or use courtesy phone & enter your ticket number or use express pay terminal kiosks);
Parking Closest to the Terminal:
  4-level Short-term Garage and Lots E & G.
Parking Furthest from the Terminal
Lot A is near FAA Control Tower at Hollywood Way & Winona Av. 
Lot C is located on Thornton Av. /Ontario St.

NOTE: Short-term parking is only available in the 4-lvel Garage; all other parking facilities are for long-term parking.  Parking fees include City taxes: 
    Garage short-term parking: 
Fees:  first 30 mins $3, first hr $5; 1.5 hr $7; 2 hrs $13; 2.5 hr $19; daily max $31. Each add'l day has the same time structure but fees are $5, $7, $13, $19, $25 & daily max $31.
    Valet Parking: Valet kiosks are available throughout the airport for use upon yur return. Upon swiping of card, valet is notified & your car is there when you reach the Valet Center.
Fees for each day:  first 30 mins $3; 45 mins $7; full hr $13; daily max $23;
Long-term parking:
        Economy Lot C:
Fees: first hr $3, 2 hrs $5; daily max $13.   Each add'l day: 1 hr $5; 2 hrs $9; daily max $13. 
    Economy Lot E:
Fees: first 30 mins $3; 1 hr $5, 2.5 hrs $7; 2 hrs. $13; daily max $23.  Each add'l day:  $5, $7, $13, $16 & daily max $23
   Covered Lot G:
Fees:  first 30 mins. $3; 1 hr $5, 1.5 hrs $7; 2 hrs. $13; daily max $23. Each add'l day: $5, $7, $13, $16 & daily max $23.

Payment Options (AMEX, Diners, MC, VISA, Discover & Bank ATM debit cards are accepted):  Pay at either: (a)  'Express Pay Station'; (b) with pre-paid ticket at cashier booth; (c) at Lots A, E & G; or (d) at Garage at express lane exit columns.

'Express Pay Stations' are available at Terminal A exit, Terminal B entrance, Shuttle Island, Parking Garage & Lot E.
'Express Exit Lanes' are available at exits of Lots A, C & E, covered Lot G & Parking garage.

For current parking availability call 818-729-2245.

Hollywood Burbank ( BUR ) Airport Parking Map

Hollywood Burbank  BUR airport parking map

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