Carry-on Regulations

Once you select an airline you will find basic carry-on regulations as supplied by each airline for domestic flights. International flights will have varying rules. While regulation similarities exist between carriers, it is best to familiarize yourself with each carrier that you travel with. Since carriers often change their policies, you may want to check with your airline before flying. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines that apply to all carriers include: Baggage cannot be checked prior to the day of departure. Your baggage will only be checked to your final destination. All checked baggage will be screened by the TSA. Your name and address must be on the outside of your baggage. Name tags are available at all airport baggage check-in locations. Do not lock your baggage due to TSA screening of every checked bag. For more information or to review a list provided by the TSA of acceptable and unacceptable items which may be included in carry-on baggage visit the TSA website.

Note: Due to space constraints, we cannot have each airline's carry-on regulations. We apologize if your airline is not listed.