Copenhagen Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Listed below are Parking Choices and Fees, Payment Methods, Ticketless Parking; Parking Space Reservation, general parking information and directions to parking facilities: (Fees are quoted in DKK--Danish currency)

Short-Term Parking (at P4)
First 15 mins - Free
15 to 60 mins - DKK 45
Each hr thereafter - DKK 45
Each day thereafter - DKK 360

Econo Week Parking Fees (at P15, P17) (*) and Econo Week Plus Parking (at F1, P2) (#)
First 15 mins - Free; # Free
15 to 60 mins - *DKK 15; #DKK 15
Each hr thereafter - *DKK 25; #DKK 25
from 6 hrs to 8 days - *DKK 360; #DKK 525
Each day thereafter - *DKK 30; #DKK 40
8 days - *DKK 360; #DKK 525
15 days - *DKK 570; #DKK 790

Business Light Fees (P1, P5, P9) (*); Business Premium (P10, P12) (#); and Business Excecutive Parking (\\)
First 15 mins - *Free; #Free; \\Free
15 to 60 mins - *DKK 15; #DKK 40; \\DKK 45
Each hr thereafter - *DKK 25; #DKK 40; \\DKK 45
Each day thereafter - *DKK 40; #DKK 60; \\DKK 85
8 days - *DKK 995; #DKK 1295; \\DKK 2055
15 days - *DKK 1275; #DKK 1715; \\DKK 2650.

Copenhagen Airport makes regular parking fee adjustments and makes sure that parking is available for every budget. Book in advance for the lowest parking fees. Note also that there is no guarantee you will be able to park wherever you want, so if your first-choice carpark is full, please try the others.

Payment Methods:
Ticket dispensers are in all the car parks--pay byDankort debit card, Eurocard or Diners Club Card; or pay in cash: the machines accept Danish currency or Swedish 50-, 100-, 500- and 1000-krona notes. Moreover, at P6 and P8 you can use BroBizz for payment.

Ticketless Parking:
You can use parking operator Lufthavnsparkeringen's own "P-Direct" card; a Dankort, Mastercard, Visa, Diners Club or American Express card; or a petrol card from Hydro Texaco Erhverv, OK Benzin or Q8 to pay at entrance or exit gates using the following steps: (a) put your card in the slot of the machine at the entrance gate--the gate will open; (b) put the same card in the slot at the exit gate; (c) the machine prints your receipt; (d) and the gate will open. Your parking fee will be debited or charged directly to your card based on your time of entrance and exit.

General Parking Information
Parking Space Reservation
There are a total of 10,500 parking spaces at the airport--most are covered. All car parks are monitored 24 hrs/day via video cameras and security guards. Parking rates range from DKK 60 to DKK 360 a day, depending on the car park. The parking facilities nearest the terminals are the most expensive, while the most economical parking lot is 2200 meters from the terminals.

If you are dropping passengers off only and not parking, you may do so outside Terminal 2 near the P4 carpark or outside Terminal 3 near the P6 car park. In addition, you may park for free in all parking areas for up to 15 minutes. If you leave before the 15 minutes are up, put your entrance ticket in the slot at the exit gate, and the gate will open.

The parking areas at the airport are divided into five color-coded locations reflecting their fees--making it easier to choose the car park that best suits you. There are two choices: Yellow is for Economy parking and blue is for Business parking.

Economy � P15 and P17 - yellow
--the least expensive parking available at DKK 60 for one day (online booking only), 360 for eight days or DKK 570 for 15 days. The parking lots are situated 1200-2200 meters from the terminals. Free transit buses are provided.

Economy Plus � F1 and P2 - orange
--outdoor parking for those who wish lower fees for eight days or longer, but who also want to be able to walk to the terminal. Fees are DKK 525 for eight days or DKK 795 for 15 days.

Business Light � P1, P5 and P9 - light blue
For people who wish to park closer to the terminals at mostly outdoor areas. DKK 175 per day or DKK 995 for eight days.

Business Premium � P10 and P12 - medium blue
Indoor parking near the terminals. DKK 225 per day or DKK 1295 for eight days.

Business Executive � P4, P6, P7 and P8 - dark blue
Indoor parking very close to terminals. P6 and P8 car parks are directly connected with Terminal 3, with ees at DKK 360 per day and DKK 2055 for eight days.

For more information contact the car park operator Lufthavnsparkeringen. Offices between Terminals 2 and 3, open 24/7, or call 3252 8300.

Directions to Parking Facilities
Several parking facilities (P4 through P11) are situated on Kystvejen Road, with two more, P15 & P17 slightly further down, and can be reached off Highway E20 (Exchange 16); Parking is also available at F1 and P1, close to Terminal 1, off Lufthavnsboulevarden (Airport Blvd.) as well as two P2 lots rights across from Terminal 1.

Copenhagen ( CPH ) Airport Parking Map

Copenhagen CPH airport parking map

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