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Layout of Copenhagen AirportTerminals; Terminal 2 expansion & Merging /Integrating all 3 terminals;  Amenities & Services; Passenger Transfer, and Arriving/Departing procedures:

The passenger terminal complex at Copenhagen Airport, which previously had 3 terminals, now has an Integrated Passenger Terminal 1 (formerly Terminals 2 & 3; the old Terminal 1s no longer in service). A new Pier H will be built at newly merged T2.
 - Customer service can be contacted, 24/7, at tel.  +45 3231 3231 or by e-mail:
 - The CPH Express zips business & first-class airline customers through security check in less than five minutes

Terminal 1 is to be turned into a pier for newly integrated T2.  Currently it may still handle some domestic flights (shuttles to T2 stop at the Western point of T1's level 2), while a shuttle bus may still run to/from T2.  

New integrated Terminal 2 (T2) with entrance in the center, and numerous concessions on either side - houses an abundant assortment of fashion & accessories, (women/ childen/ men's fashion & shoes), Delicasies & Kiosks, food & drink venues, including Food To Go, Living & Gift shops, electronics, Lego, Tax & Duty-Free, Currency exchanges by AMEX, & Danske Bank, and the following lounges: Aspire, Aviator, SAS & SAS Gold and CPH Apartment.  
Domestic flights park at central gates of Piers A, B, & C - close to check-in, baggage & security.
The Gate Area:  At the West end of T2 are gates F1-10, D101-D104, & C10; followed eastwards by gates C2-C8, B2-B19 and A2-A17 & A18-A34.   (At A gates passengers may still transfer by shuttle bus to some remaining gates at T1.)

Passport control is in front of the C gates (which also have a Transfer Center), and at the entry of gates F1-F10.
- The Boarding area houses a Transfer Center and the following lounges:  Servisair Executive, Novia, SAS Business & SAS Scandinavian. 

Amenities & Services inside Terminal 2/3 include over 126 food, shop & services, including food & drink & retail concessions (an abundance of Men, Women & Children's fashion & shoes), duty-free shops, banks, Kastrup Ticket Office, Nursery, Airline counters, tax-free control, rental car desks, Global Refund & VAT, odd-size baggage, travel agency, Hilton desk, 2 LEGO areas for children & Transfer Center.  The popular Copenhagen steak house MASH has a restaurant at Terminal 2's airside,  while the new high-quality deli, the Food Market, offers wholesome food on the go. 
 - Lounges at T2:  Aspire, Aviator, SAS & SAS Gold, & Eventyr
 - Banks, Currency exchange:  Globel Exchange, Danske Bank, and Euronet ATMs