Dusseldorf Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

Parking Structure 2 has video surveillance. A separate entrance road leads to arrivals level and takes you into the secured parking area. The fee is EU 29 per day. It is suggested that you reserve your parking space at Apcoa Autoparking GmbH, Tel. 0211-421-6637, Fax: 0211-421-6640.

The P4, P5 and P6 car parks have a SkyTrain service taking passengers to the terminal. It is only an approximately 2-minute journey to the terminal - and back to your car. Your parking ticket is your train ticket. SkyTrain stops at terminal zones A/B and C.

Parking Options & Fees:

1. Short-Term Parking - at P11, P12
Each 15 mins - EU 1.50.
(a) Arrivals: Park in the short-term car park P12, right outside arrivals zone C--only a short walk to the arrivals level from here. The maximum recommended parking duration is 30 minutes.
(b) Departures: Those dropping off passengers can use P11, close to departure zone C. The maximum recommended parking duration is 30 minutes.
(c) Short stay and day parkers in zone C: Underground car park P8 is ideal for business travelers flying with Airberlin, as well as visitors picking up a passenger, as P8 is only a short walk to the terminal. In fact, you park (almost) outside the terminal door, where you can access the departures and arrivals levels conveniently by lift.

2. Terminal Parking - Hourly/Daily - at P1, P2, P3, P8 & P22:
First hr at P1: EU 3.50 - at P2,3,8,22: EU 3; up to
7th hr at P1: EU 24.50 - at P2,3,8,22: EU 21; up to
1 day at P1: EU 27 - at P2,3,8,22: EU 21; up to
3 days at P1: EU 681- at P2,3,8,22: EU 63; up to
each day thereafter at P1 EU 27 - at P2,3,8,22: EU 21.

3. Long-Term Parking - Hourly/Daily - at P4, P5, P6 & P25:
First hr - EU 3, up to
7th hr - EU 21, up to
1 day - EU 21; up to
3 days- EU 63; up to
21 days- EU 93.

4. Long-Term Savings Parking - Daily - at P23:
First day - EU 5.50, up to
7 days - EU 24.50, up to
14 days EU 38.50, up to
21 days - EU 52.50

Payment Methods: At the payment machines you can pay by cash, credit or debit card. or use APCOA's Parkwertkarten and Dauerparkkarten.

Online parking space reservation Business and holiday travelers can depart for their destination without the stress of having to search for a parking space at D�sseldorf Airport by reserving one in advance with the new, convenient and easy-to-use online parking space reservation service for only EUR 4.

Valet Parking is the fastest way to the check-in counter is to drop off your car and keys at our Valet Parking Service on departure level and we'll park it for you in the car park P2's security zone.

Premium parking Park in the premium zone at car park P3, level 3.1 (departures level) which has a separate access road. Further extras will be available with the premium parking service soon.

Holiday Special 2009 With the Holiday Special 2009 you can now park at particularly favorable weekly rates in the Long-Term Savings area in car parks P23, P25 and P24 (only opened temporarily).

Disabled Parking: If you drive your own car to the airport, it is best to head for the underground car park P1, located directly beneath the terminal, or car parks P2 and P3. All parking spaces are free of charge for unable to walk and hold authorized badges showing so. Those permitted to use handicapped parking spaces on public roads may park free of charge here).
Announce yourself via the speaker system when driving out. A staff member of the car park operator will come to the exit and open the gate after recording your disability badge and license numbers.

For further information regarding parking, call APCOA Parking at 0211-421-6637, or Fax: 0211-421-6640; or visit www.apcoa.de

Dusseldorf ( DUS ) Airport Parking Map

Dusseldorf DUS airport parking map

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