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Airport Overview

Located in Nebraska, United States, Eppley Airfield is an airport operated and owned by the Omaha Airport Authority.

The airport occupies an area of 2,650 acres (1,070 ha) and is 3 miles northeast of downtown Omaha, in Douglas County, Nebraska, United States.

Airport Stats & Facts

  • The airport handles nearly 130 daily airline flights to 33 non-stop destinations.
  • In 2018, the airport was the busiest as it served more than 5 million passengers.

Airport Traveling Tips

  • The peak hours of the airport are:
  • Morning: 5:00 am - 7:00 am
  • Evening: 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
  • To account for TSA security wait times, and any possible delays, the passengers are advised to arrive at least 90 minutes before the flight departure time.
  • Before heading to the airport for a flight, please have a look at the OMA Airport map.
  • Passengers are suggested to remove all metal objects and electronic devices before passing through the screening magnetometers. Also, they may be asked to get rid of items including footwear, jackets, and hats so they can be inspected by screening personnel.
  • Never leave baggage or other personal belongings unattended.

Passenger Pickup and Drop-off

  • Passengers can be dropped off curbside on the front terminal drive, but no parking or waiting is allowed.
  • For pickup, find out if your traveler has checked any bags. Sometimes it takes a little time for bags to make it from the airplane to the baggage carousel. Parking curbside in front of the terminal is prohibited, so make sure your traveler has retrieved his or her bags and is waiting outside the terminal before pulling the curbside.
  • If you have to wait until your traveler is outside and ready to be picked up, there are Cell Phone Waiting Lots located North and South of Eppley Airfield Airport.

Flight Status

  • For arriving flights: Arrival flight status provides the arrival times, gate information, delays, and time to land for the Eppley Airfield.
  • For departing flights: Departing flight status lists scheduled vs actual departure, gate information, map tracking, and flight delays.
  • To get the best fares, book a flight at OMA.

Airport Terminals

There are three terminals at Eppley Field. For more information, and to see the terminal locations, please have a look at the OMA Terminal Map.

Central Terminal

The ground transportation center and rental car counters are on the central terminal.

South Terminal

Concourse A - Gates A1 - A10, baggage claims 1 through 3.

North terminal

Concourse B - Gates B11 through B20, baggage claims 4 through 6.

Airlines Served

The various airlines served by Eppley Airfield include American Eagle, Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, United Express, plus more. See the list of airlines servicing OMA Airport.

Airport Parking

Premiere and Quick Parking

Located on the ground level in the South Garage, premier parking is the most convenient parking option. Also, it is closest to the terminals. In premiere and quick parking, travelers can choose the short and long term options as per their convenience.

  • First Hour Rate: $1 each 15 minutes
  • After 1 Hour Rate: $1.50 each additional 20 minutes
  • Daily Rate: $12

Off-site Parking

Off-Airport parking is available in various parking lots near the Eppley Airfield. Most of the off-site lots allow 24/7 access.

Ground Transport

A variety of ground transportation options are available for the passengers after arriving at the airport, such as car rentals, public transportation, shuttles, etc. In addition to these, they can also opt for ride services like Lyft, Uber, and Taxis.

Car Rentals

Rental car counters are located in the Customer Service Building. Ready/return car spaces are located on the first and second floor of the new North Garage. There are various rental car providers including Alvis, Alamo, Thrifty, and more.


Taxis are located on the center island of the terminal roadway across from Door number 3. If a taxi is not waiting in the queue, you can use the ‘Taxi Call’ button which will dispatch a vehicle to the location.

Buses & Trains

Another option to travel from Eppley Field is through public transportation. Metro Transit Line provides limited weekday-only rush-hour service southbound toward downtown and northbound toward the North Omaha Transit Center. Passenger access is located directly outside the central terminal.

Amenities & Services

For visitors to have an amazing stay, Eppley Airfield provides various amenities and services including:

  • Store, gift shops, and local souvenir shops.
  • Restaurants, bars, and cafes.
  • Shoeshine stations, and massage bars.
  • Free Wi-Fi internet throughout the airport.
  • Multiple art installations and exhibits on display.
  • Banks/ATMs.

Contact Information

Address: 4501 Abbott Dr, Omaha, NE 68110, USA


Phone: (402) 661 8017

Eppley Airfield: Brief History Timeline

  • In 1925, Eppley Airfield began as an extension of Levi Carter Park near East Omaha.
  • In 1961, the terminal building was opened and it was designed by James C. Buckley, Inc.
  • In 1970, Concourse B was opened.
  • In 1986, Concourse A was opened, and Concourse B was remodeled.
  • From 1995 to 2002, Midwest Airlines operated as a hub at Eppley Airfield.
  • In January 2016, Eppley Airfield completed the expansion of its on-site United States Customs and Border Protection facility (CBP).

Maps, Airlines & Amenities

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Omaha Airport Overview Map
Omaha Airport Overview Map

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Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport Q&A

Yes. While the official name is Eppley Field, the airport is also referred to by its IATA code OM
You can fly to many cities from OMAAirport. Please have a look at our direct flights page to see where you can fly.
The airport is 3 miles northeast of downtown Omaha, in Douglas County, Nebraska, United States.
The airport remains open 24 hours a day and passengers are permitted to sleep inside the airport, and they can also stay inside overnight. We also recommend these awesome OMA layover ideas.