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Omaha Eppley Airfield Airport ( OMA ) Terminal Map Information

Omaha Eppley Airfield OMA Terminal Map OMA Concourse A OMA Concourse B OMA Main Terminal


The passenger terminal complex at Omaha Eppley Airfield consists a single building, divided at both upper & lower levels by a Central Terminal, with the North Terminal to the left and the South Terminal to the right. North & South Terminals have their own baggage belts & ticket counters, while the Central terminal houses the rental car counters, an ATM machine, the Eppley Conference Center & a Ground Transportation Center.  Elevator /Escalator takes you to the upper level.
From the upper level, the Skywalks take you separately from South & North Terminals to the parking garage.
Food & drink are available at main terminal & concourses.
Conference rooms are available in the upper level of the north terminal. For more information contact Rigel Airport Svcs. at 402-422-6376.
    The lower level  is the baggage claim level with entry doors 1 & 2 for South Terminal, door 3 for Central Terminal and doors 4 & 5 for North Terminal. It houses in the arrivals hall rental car counters,  Lost & Found, First Aid, food/drink, ATM, and with outside ground transportation and access to Surface Parking Lot.

    The upper level is the check-in level and houses check-in facilities,  food courts & shops, with escalators at both North & South sides; it also has a conference center in the North side and banking services in the South side.  Both sides are leading outside via skywalk to the parking lot, and inside to their respective two concourses via a narrow passage ways, at the end of which are the separate security checkpoints, leading to the Concourse gate areas.  ATMs are available throughout the  level & at concourses,
       Concourse A on the south side with gates A1 to A10 is currently served by Alaska, Allegiant, American, Delta Frontier & Delta airlines.
       Concourse B on the north side with gates A11 to A20 is currently served by Southwest, & United airlines.

Airline Service telephone numbers for Reservation (R), & Baggage Svc (B); and their Ticket Counter Hours (TCH):
Alaska: R: 800-252-7522; B: 877-815-8253;  TCH: 2:15pm-4:45pm   
Allegiant: R & B: 702-505-8888;  TCH: opens 90 mins prior to first & closes after last departure.
American: R: 800-433-7300; B: 800-535-5225 or 402-422-0152;  TCH: 4am-7:30pm.
Delta: R: 800-221-1212;  B: 402-344-5494 or 800-221-1212;  TCH: 4:30am-7:30pm.
Frontier: R: 800-432-1359;  B: 800-432-1359 or 402-422-6483;  TCH: 4:30am-7pm.
Southwest: R 800-435-9792;  B: 402-422-6162; TCH: opens 90 mins before first, and closes 15 mins after last departure;
United: R: 800-864-8331;  B: 800-221-6903 or 402-422-6282;  TCH: 5am-6:45pm.