Fear of flying tips

Top Travel Tips to Beat the Fear of Flying

There may be a number of reasons which contribute to your fear of flying. It can be due to a sole direct influence or a combination of various factors.

For most of the flyers, knowing the basics of the working of the airplane can alleviate their anxiety.

If you think having an organized travel insurance and travel money cards is the only way to prevent you from jetting off, then you are wrong. For most people flying is a difficult experience.

According to Business Insider, almost 40 percent of Americans do not enjoy flying, and around 3 percent refuse to fly altogether. But your anxiety while flying cannot keep you grounded forever.

If you do not want to miss the experience of exploring the wonderful world, you must overcome your fear first. In this article, we will discuss various tips and tricks that can help you to get through the fear of flying.

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1. Know about the plane

When it comes to overcoming fear, some of the common nightmares are nearly impossible. Like, sometimes you may think that plane will fall out of the sky.

How heavy and large a plane is, it cannot fall from the sky. The plane is constantly supported by the air around.

It can descend sometimes but will never fall suddenly. On the other hand, if you are scared that the engines will fail?

Then you must know that the plane has multiple engines. If they all stop, then the plane will slide along to an emergency stop and not tumble straight down.

To overcome this fear, you need to know about how plane fly and how its engine works. Also gain every knowledge about your plane.

2. Do not fear of turbulence

Turbulence is like bumps in the air, the same as bumps in the road. It can only create inconvenience to the passengers and is not as dangerous as you think.

In fact, during the turbulence, planes shift only up to six meters. It might not feel comforting for you, but the plane can handle it.

The lights of the seat belt turn on to indicate the bumps so that you do not fall over other passengers.

3. Pick a seat that helps you to avoid your trigger

One of the things that passengers do have control of is to choose a comfortable seat for themselves. If you are not comfortable in the air, then it is worth spending some time choosing the best and comfortable seat of your choice.

In case advanced seat selection is not allowed in your airline, then prefer to choose Aisle seats over the middle seats.

Aisle seats are those seats that are located in the outer corners of every row. These seats are the most comfortable ones in the plane.

In these seats, you can easily change your sitting position without disturbing the other passengers near you.

4. Meet the crew

If there is some time before your flight takes off, you can also meet the pilot of your plane. You can spend a minute interacting with your flight attendant.

Meeting with the folks who have your safety in their hands can make your journey on the plane smooth and comfortable.

5. Practice relaxation exercises

Do you know that relaxation and meditation exercises play a very important role in reducing the fear of flying. You can imagine a beautiful and safe place by closing your eyes and focusing on this place.

On the other side, if you keep thinking about what can go wrong with the plane? You can follow another exercise to complete the story rather than focusing on the disastrous.

Like, if you are picturing that the plane is crashing, also picture in your mind that the staff is releasing safety equipment. You are taken away by a rescue team and, if necessary, taken to the hospital too.

These exercises also help you to imagine that the plane is landing safely every time you think of a disaster.

6. Play Music

You can also listen to the music of your choice through headphones and closing your eyes. This practice helps you to calm your mind by lowering your heart rate and blood pressure.

7. Face the fear with the help of professionals

Multiple therapy sessions and workshops can also help you deal with the problem of anxiety with a professional. Most of the airlines offer exposure therapy for coping with the fear of flying.

8. Focus on what is at the other end of it

Think of the wonderful spots that you are going to discover after you reach your destination. This practice will increase your excitement and distracts your mind with a positive thought.

These are a few tricks to get you on the flight and to reach your destination comfortably. But the best remedy to get through the fear of flying is to expose it.