Milwaukee General Mitchell Airport Long & Short Term Parking Rates

If you need to pick up a passenger at the Airport, you have currently the option of using Hourly, Surface or Cell Phone Lots which offer one hour free, each add'l hr $2.  
The Cell Phone Lot is
located within the Surface Parking Lot--stay with your car until your party has collected luggage and calls you to be picked up at the curb.
For international arrivals pickup there are ten parking spaces available west of the International Terminal.

Other parking options & fees at General Mitchell International Airport:   Up to one hour parking at Hourly, Surface & Cell Phone Lots is FREE. Both the Garage and  Surface Lot are within walking distance of the terminal. The SuperSaver lot is on Air Cargo Way (both Surface & SuperSaver lots accommodate vehicles over 7 feet); and there is also the 'Rail'  /Amtrak Station lot:

   Parking Garage (connected to the terminal by Center & South skywalks on Levels 3 & 5) is divided into Hourly parking at levels 3 & 4, and Daily parking at levels 5 & 6:.
   - Hourly Parking (under 5 hrs) is available in the red area on levels 3 & 4 of the garage. 
Fees: $2/hr; $23/day.
   - Daily Parking (over 5 hrs /overnight) is available on all levels of the garage.
Fees: $2/hr; $13/day.
    Surface Lot, located immediately south of the parking garage, is within walking distance of the terminal.
Fees: $2/hr; $14/day.
   SuperSaver lot on 100 West Air Cargo Way (tel. 414-747-4561) offers economy parking within mins of the passenger terminal, with free shuttle service every 10-15 mins, 24/7. This Lot is located on Air Cargo Way--follow signs on the Airport Spur or from Howell Avenue.
Fees: $2/hr, $7day.
The 'Rail' /Amtrak Station lot on 6th Street (just south of Grange Av. & Airport Spur). Proof of Amtrak ridership required.
Fee: $7/day.

For more parking information contact CPS Parking at 414-747-4580.

For off-site parking open

Milwaukee General Mitchell ( MKE ) Airport Parking Map

Milwaukee General Mitchell MKE airport parking map

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